I’ve just finished making myself a batch of daal/lentils for lunch tomorrow. I’ll probably have a tiny bowl in a bit, but I’m trying to be good. So far I have to say that I like this laptop. I can type pretty fast on it and it feels natural. I usually misspell a lot on… Read more Lentils


So things have been boring enough to not write about. I try not to talk about work or where I work so it makes for boring posts. Sorry. After work I have been doing freelance work and having weird reactions to antibiotics. Fun. Today is my 10th anniversary. This afternoon Josh and I will have… Read more Boring


I have the hiccups. That’s been a while. I have been gainfully employed for over a year now. It feels good. I know going back to school was worth it, but I did feel bad about being in school and Josh being the only one bringing in an income. Now I am too and that… Read more Hiccups

Mail Systems

Ugh. The mail system at work has been very odd lately. Last Friday a message was sent to me and I did not receive it until Saturday morning. That didn’t matter so much because it was just a thank you note. What did matter was that today, something that had to be taken care of… Read more Mail Systems


Pardon my radio silence. I have been keeping myself quite busy as of late. Of course there is work, but there is also the family visiting and general household/end of the year stuff. I’ve neglected balancing the check book and while I knew how much I had, my books weren’t balanced. That is not right.… Read more Pardon


The weather is getting chilly. The high temperature for tomorrow is 65°F. That’s borderline cold here. Wow, I actually remembered the code for the degree symbol. I should use it more often. I’m having CSS issues at work. There are finicky java scripts that I can’t mess with, so I am trying to use css… Read more Chilly

Sent Home

I came home from work after two hours. I’m just plain sick. I felt fine this morning. I guess I looked a lot worse than I felt. Once I got home, my body went crazy. My fever is at 102.1 right now. I’m surprised I am able to write somewhat coherently. My vision is a… Read more Sent Home