Media Center

Last night when Josh finally decided that he was fed up with his computer not being fast enough, we went shopping. I of course was happy to tag along. I managed to procure a WD TV HD Media Player. For $100 I can now play all of the videos, music and photos I have stored… Read more Media Center

TVs for dad

My dad has realized that he needs a new bedroom TV. He wants Josh and I to help him pick one out. Unfortunately, I don’t think I can justify to myself the type of TV he wants. He wants something big and sharp. I understand that as he is getting older, it is getting harder… Read more TVs for dad

The Wheel

I have been working hard on projects for work. I’m trying to be innovative with some of the things I am doing, but I’m not up for reinventing the wheel. Adobe has some stuff that is proving quite useful. Unfortunately the stuff I want to use requires a newer version of the software that I… Read more The Wheel


I hate when someone who is asking for help does not respond to the questions you ask back in order to solve their issues. /sigh I’ll deal with it this weekend I guess. Someone brought in “The Secret” at work and we all sort of watched half of it at lunch. We all generally eat… Read more Respond

So Tired

Josh and I went to bed quite late last night. We were mesmerized by some strange old movie on TV. I can’t find out the name of it, not even online! I thought for a moment it might have been something from Alfred Hitchcock, but I’m not positive. I will find out, someday. Staying up… Read more So Tired