Living Room

I forgot to mention that I posted pictures of the furniture. Now you can see just how Ikea-fied my house has become. It was not intentional. I only really wanted the Granemo* cabinets, but what I got was a lot more. Any links with an asterisk is a link to the Ikea page. We purchased… Read more Living Room


This weekend has been busy for Josh and I. Mostly we spent time together. We did little projects around the house and made a couple of road trips. We picked up some various parts from Ikea and are hacking together a TV stand to sit on the fireplace hearth. I’m saving all of that for… Read more Ikacking


I was checking my mail just now and instead of reading across the subject line, I read the first words of each subject line. Interestingly, the words I read were “offer”, “electric” and “chair.” Living in Florida, I honestly thought there was a possibility of getting myself an electric chair. That would make for interesting… Read more Electric