Growing Up

Growing up sucks. I went to school, graduated and grew up. Now I don’t have the time to do the things that I want. Well, I say that but I’m pretty sure if I tried, I could do what I want. I think the responsible side of me out weighs the rest of me. I’m… Read more Growing Up


The kittens went to the vet for the first time today. They have to get spayed and neutered in about two weeks. From what I hear, they were adored at the office. How could you not adore those babies? Work is still going well. A few unexpected projects that popped up today pushed back my… Read more Eventful

Catching up

Whoa. Six days without a post. I’m getting back in to my old ways. That’s not good. Things have been busy here. Mostly cleaning up and working. My evil princess hasn’t been feeling well. I think it is a bit of a protest due to my changing her dry food. She’s spoiled and we (I)… Read more Catching up


We have finished watching the Doctor for the week. I still feel unanswered. That is all I will say for now though. This afternoon, Josh and I went to our usual Mexican restaurant as an early anniversary date. Our ninth anniversary is Wednesday and who knows what will be happening that day. The cat turns… Read more Forest


Last night I seriously considered buying a 50″ plasma tv. The price was beyond good. It was a model from last year, but still rated pretty highly. Then the practical side of me kicked in. While it was about what we planned to spend on a 42″ lcd tv, it was way too large. Then… Read more Flat

Good Kitty

My cat is currently sniffing my foot in hopes of convincing me that she needs food. My head has been hurting off and on lately. It is probably due to lack of caffeine. I’m trying to drink less, but suffering for it. I apparently purchased the wrong deodorant. I put it on and smelled coconut.… Read more Good Kitty

Last Update

OK, this will be the last update on Middle. We let him go about ten minutes ago. As much as I hate the idea of him being outdoors, he is feral and we know that. He didn’t immediately bolt off. He ran to the edge of the patio and into the grass, then he couldn’t… Read more Last Update