This weekend I put myself first. I have put off and put off redoing this site and this weekend I did it. I am not completely done. I am not settled on the colors and logo. But I am picky, so it will take time.

I do have to thank the bumble bee that I stepped on. Had it not stung me and made walking painful, I probably would have done yard work or something that “needed” to be done. I have a hard time taking time for myself. I think we all know that.

So back to that bumble bee sting. 36 hours later and it is still swollen, itching and painful. I have discovered that the use of toothpaste does help. I am taking an antihistamine and that is probably why this is turning into a ramble. Sorry about that.

So how many people have actually done the things they’ve posted on their Pinterest boards? I’ve been pretty good about trying the ones on mine. For the food pins, I have used my office as my test subjects, much to their waistline’s displeasure I am sure. I’ve cut back and occasionally have Josh try them. I think I’ve only had one recipe that I didn’t like (a brie bake).

I took a hiatus from Pinterest at one point. Their terms of service made me uncomfortable. Times have changed and I’ve started pinning again. I didn’t really miss anything as I’m seeing a lot of the same pins pop up. I tend to use it for blog hopping. A find a pin I like, check out the site, and then start the hopping from there. You should try it. You might find something fun.

I’ve been terrible about posting my recipes. Well. I’ll get to that another day. How about I post some links that I have tried or an itching to try.

Been There, Done That or Things I’ve Given a Go:

  • Asiago, Rosemary Cheese Crackers – These were good but didn’t taste the same after a few hours. Note: Make sure you use round silicone cups, not cupcake liner style cups. Cleanup was terrible.
  • Banana Pancakes – The banana flavor is very overpowering. If you love bananas, this should be a go for you! Easy version of the recipe is 2-3 eggs and one ripe banana. Mash it very well and mix it all together. Voila, pancake batter
  • No Bake Oreo Truffles – OK. I couldn’t bare to use cream cheese, so I substituted about 3/4 of a container of vanilla icing. Office Tested & Approved.
  • No Bake Cookies – Sweet! No really. These are super sweet. Almost too sweet. Office Tested & Approved.
  • Peanut Butter Balls – Product performs as expected! Office Tested & Approved.
  • Cauliflower Crust Pizza – Amen! My first attempt didn’t go so well. I didn’t get enough moisture out of my cauliflower and it didn’t hold together well. My second attempt was successful and Office Tested & Approved!

Let’s Go On an Adventure or Stuff I Haven’t Tried Yet:

All of this is making me hungry and it is too late for that!

Occasionally I get a break. Not as often as I want. A lot of times I just want one day that doesn’t have a request for assistance. I try not to enable people so I push back but it can be difficult. People as a whole are difficult. I don’t mind helping but I sometimes need more patience by the time I get home and I don’t know where to find it.

I have been using audiobooks to clear my head on the drive home. That has helped. Game of Thrones is my current auditory distraction. I am hoping it continues to help.

Ok. This was a bit of a ramble, but I needed it.

Oh my dear site. I’m sorry. I promise it was worth it. It’s taken nearly five years and a lot of hard work but I have a new title at work!  I still do what I have been doing for the past three years but now it’s official that I am doing it.

In other news, I joined the dark side and got an iPhone. I decided to give it a whirl. It’s not like I couldn’t sell it for a decent price if I didn’t like it. So far so good. Everyone is on me about not faffing over it. It’s okay. It’s not the bees knees or anything. Honestly, there hasn’t been too much of a difference for me. It does what my android did. It’s kind of been more of a hassle when it comes to music and ringtones. I don’t use it for movies, so I can’t say how it does there. It was way easier to load music on my android.

When it comes to performance, I’ve had tactile response issues with the screen. It’s frozen on me a few times and it has turned itself off on me a couple of times too. I was NOT a happy camper then. I couldn’t get it to turn itself back on and it finally took plugging it in to my computer to get it back on. It had 86% battery life too. No idea what caused it, but it happened. Just thankful I had my work phone in case there was an emergency.

I did buy myself a little present for my phone. Actually, it was for any device. I got a little Belkin Bluetooth Receiver for Smartphones. My car doesn’t have Bluetooth in it (that apparently came standard in the next year’s model). I don’t listen to local radio unless it is the news channel for traffic. So, I prefer listening to TripleJ or audiobooks (Game of Thrones is my latest kick). I had been researching Bluetooth receivers for a while and kept going back to this one. I have not had good luck with the FM transmitters. Even the so-called good brand ones. I found that there were two Belkin models that looked identical. A bit more research led me to discover that they were. Interestingly enough, one sells for twice the price of the one I got! Make sure you get the F4U037 model!

So what else did I buy? A clear back bumper for my phone and oh yes, a new septic leach field. Don’t be jealous. I’d forgotten what it was like to be able to use water without fear of something really bad happening (like non-clear liquids coming back out of pipes). Thankfully we never got to the point of wrong things coming from the pipes, but the fear was there. Oh yes, it was there! So yes, don’t be jealous. Really. I mean it. New leach field, it’s worth it.

I think I realized why I haven’t posted much. There are a couple of possibilities. I feel like I’m being narcissistic. This site used to be a way for me to update my family about what is going on in my life, but now that I am living so close, it’s become a moot point. Then there is the social media aspect. With the prevalence of Twitter and Facebook I wonder if maybe I’m putting too much of myself out there.

So maybe they are just excuses. Who knows. I’m not giving up my site. Sometimes it is fun to look back and see what I was doing 15 years ago.

So the dear little miss Brittany is getting ready to graduate. She has been accepted to college and is getting all of her paperwork squared away. Wait. Did you hear me? Brittany is getting ready to graduate! Holy crap.

I teased her the other day that I still have her “letters” to me from when she was a wee youngin. They usually involved stick figures or hand traces. I saved them and will probably give them to her when she gets older. I have her sister’s too. Her brother wasn’t really into writing but I have some great videos of him as a baby.

When was the last time you looked at photos from over 15 years ago? It is good to remember those days. Good and bad, they are what made you.

If you had asked me 20 years ago that I’d have five cats, I’d say you were crazy. I grew up with dogs, hamsters and rabbits, not cats. It was Josh that wanted a cat. When we got the evil princess in ’97, she was just that, an evil little princess. She was sweet to Josh but evil incarnate to me. She attacked and clawed at me a lot. It took ten years for her to calm down. I don’t have these issues with the other four so I assume it was because she was an only cat.

The evil princess is getting older. She is still a pain when she is hungry but otherwise she is pretty mellow. She’s still adorable when she sleeps, which is what she is doing right now. She is looking all sweet and innocent curled up on one of Josh’s old shirts. He is still her favorite, almost 14 years later. That’s OK. He’s my favorite too.

In April, this site will have been around for 15 years. People don’t believe me but yep. 1997. Crazy, huh? I’m slowly making changes in my life to slow down the hectic schedule that seems to have plagued me. I’m not making time for myself anymore and that is wearing me down. Things that have been on my proverbial To Do list too long need to get done. The things that get left on that list are things that would be for myself. I love my family and friends but I need my me time! 2012 is my year. 2012 is for me. Now to just make me some more money so I can do more for me.

One thing on the list is to redesign the site. I’ve thought about getting a pre-made theme but part of me feels like that’s selling myself short. I’m a freaking developer. I do still Heart Geeks, but maybe it is time to retire Millhouse.


In the attempt to not be so diversified in my domains, I’m slowly closing shop on some of them that I administer. In my head it means I can focus on other things, like my life. Maybe this site too. No guarantees. You see how things are going as it is.

I just felt a little sad and nostalgic as I deleted the files. I suppose that is typical when you are making a big change. Well big in this context.