Seven Months

So yeah. I went and had a baby seven months ago. Whoops. Where does the time go? He’s a little ham and a half and already has an unhealthy obsession with electronics. This should be fun! In other big news, I left my job! It was a tough decision but also the easiest one. It… Read more Seven Months

52 Week Challenge

In 2013, I did the “52 week money challenge” and it’s what paid for all of the nursery furniture.┬áI wasn’t planning on being pregnant when I started, I just wanted a way to force myself to save a little “just in case it’s needed” money. Well, it’s a good thing because we ended up needing… Read more 52 Week Challenge

Happier News

Well, my last post was a while ago and it was quite a downer. I haven’t felt like posting much since then. I find myself working a lot more than is probably healthy, but I’m going to be changing that. Why? Because I’m having a baby. After 14 years of marriage, we’ve taken the plunge.… Read more Happier News

Cauliflower Check

I decided to give another cauliflower pizza crust a try. This time I tried The Lucky Penny’s, “BEST Cauliflower Crust Pizza.” Prep wise, it was fairly easy. I don’t know if perhaps I needed more herbs but all I tasted was the cauliflower. While I love cauliflower, I wished it hadn’t been so overwhelming. I… Read more Cauliflower Check

The pain

So how many people have actually done the things they’ve posted on their Pinterest boards? I’ve been pretty good about trying the ones on mine. For the food pins, I have used my office as my test subjects, much to their waistline’s displeasure I am sure. I’ve cut back and occasionally have Josh try them.… Read more The pain

Link Roundup

I’ve been terrible about posting my recipes. Well. I’ll get to that another day. How about I post some links that I have tried or an itching to try. Been There, Done That or Things I’ve Given a Go: Asiago, Rosemary Cheese Crackers – These were good but didn’t taste the same after a few… Read more Link Roundup