My father passed away recently. The first few days were difficult, but I knew I had to buck up and get things moving for my mom’s sake. We are still going through his things and having to sort paperwork for their business. I took today off from doing anything other than vegging with my little… Read more Sadness


i have started experimenting with the various social media sites. I noticed the only real reach I had on Facebook was when I posted pics of my son or my cats. On Twitter, it is my random nonsense that gets the most interest. So, I have decided to try posting only links to Facebook, most… Read more Experiments

Year End

So it has been a couple of months since leaving my job and I think I have kept too busy to notice much. I have been working on my parents place and spending time with family. I have found that I enjoy watching a couple of cooking shows, but that’s about it. Let’s check back… Read more Year End

Seven Months

So yeah. I went and had a baby seven months ago. Whoops. Where does the time go? He’s a little ham and a half and already has an unhealthy obsession with electronics. This should be fun! In other big news, I left my job! It was a tough decision but also the easiest one. It… Read more Seven Months

52 Week Challenge

In 2013, I did the “52 week money challenge” and it’s what paid for all of the nursery furniture.┬áI wasn’t planning on being pregnant when I started, I just wanted a way to force myself to save a little “just in case it’s needed” money. Well, it’s a good thing because we ended up needing… Read more 52 Week Challenge