Raft Suffering

Today is yet another day. I’m home, resting from aching muscles. I went White water rafting this weekend and it felt fairly good. It seemed like a good bonding experience for the Sheep herders (inside joke). I think they needed it. I also think that people learned that they can be themselves around other people… Read more Raft Suffering

Lab Rat

Man has a need to help others. It’s something within all of us. Many time people don’t wish to recieve that help, but we deal with it. We make our own way of helping people. We donate to charities, we volunteer our time. We open a door for someone (though people don’t do that for… Read more Lab Rat

Stare Down

Now, I’ve been walking for my entire life, minus about 1 year. Sometimes I hate walking, long distances that is! So many people are so rude and careless when they drive. It annoys me! I was walking up to bring Josh some food at work and well, there are some piss asses around in the… Read more Stare Down

New Keyboard

I am still here, alive and well. Just thinking. Josh is vamping his computer and I am writing my web page. Forrest Gump is on tv and we aren’t watching it. My good old Bessie got a slight overhaul, no, just a minor surgery to jumpstart her organs into better shape. Courtesy of Josh of… Read more New Keyboard

The Move

I have moved and I am living with Joshua the Great! What a roomie! He doesn’t complain, nor yell about things. Pheeeew. I can honestly say that I miss some people back in Valdosta. I miss eating dinner with Jason, Russel sometimes and with Dave sometimes. I guess I could say I miss them more… Read more The Move