Today is yet another day. I’m home, resting from aching muscles. I went White water rafting this weekend and it felt fairly good. It seemed like a good bonding experience for the Sheep herders (inside joke). I think they needed it. I also think that people learned that they can be themselves around other people and that they don’t need to be afriad to be human around others. That’s why I felt this trip was good. The herders aren’t a big group, but they aren’t dinky. A little bonding here and there and spending more than 9 hours together is good. You get to learn who snores, who gets drunk faster etc. But you get to know people on a personal level. That’s why it’s good to have company outings, too bad all of the herders couldn’t come. Even some that I thought wouldn’t be likely to come, came! That was nice!

I am getting things set for my move to Keene. I don’t see it as a real move, just more of a pit stop. This here is my home. I learned that no matter what, or where, just as long as I am with someone who cares about me, it’s home. That’s what I have here. It seems as though more people want me to succeed at things than I’ve ever known. There are some that just couldn’t care less, but there are more who care a lot! I prefer the ones that care a lot!

My brother has gone to visit my grandparents, he took his dog with him apparently and the dog really likes it there. My mother said it was because of my uncle’s dog, a girl dog!!! Isn’t love cute!!! They want me to visit, but I don’t know when I will get to do that! Maybe oneday!

I have to ask this, because I’m just curious. What in the hell promts someone to go and kill a well known fashion designer? Yeah, we all know what’s going on, but what the hell? Sometimes I really have my doubts about the world today. I do believe in the death penalty and I feel if there is enough proof, a person should be killed. including whomever plotted it.

Laa. I think I will go eat now. I’ll get sick if I don’t. Pardon my dust, I shall write everyone more later!

Alright, I know it’s been a while, so here you go: things are cool. I’m doing the school thing, but that could be better. I have been feeling pretty yucky and my ear is killing me. Gee, ain’t life grand. I am hoping to have my wonderful critique of KSC done soon. For now, just let me know if you think I have cleaned the site up some!! Thanks!

Yes, I’ve made some changes, I’ve Poohified things. I love Pooh, I always have, just never really expressed it in my webpage. I prefer classic over new, but some of the new stuff is cute!

Man has a need to help others. It’s something within all of us. Many time people don’t wish to recieve that help, but we deal with it. We make our own way of helping people. We donate to charities, we volunteer our time. We open a door for someone (though people don’t do that for me, I do for them). Maybe we are just being polite, or are we trying to seek attention. I know there are psycho-babble explanations, but damn it, it’s just the same as what I’m saying and what everyone thinks. I just wonder why it is that people are scared to seek or recieve help if it is offered. Maybe people feel others are incompetent. I am not sure. Well, I’m not incompetent. I’m not stupid. Sometimes people may make a person feel like that, even if they don’t mean to. That’s what sucks. Sometimes it’s hard for people to remember that they are talking to someone a little smarter than the last person they were talking to. Life is full of these little circumstances, but you know what? These little circumstances suck and can be painful if continued!

I wonder sometimes, what my life is all about. Am I really just an experiment in someones little lab, or am I a part of a play, and I just don’t know it. What’s life? A process of death. There you have it, the answer to the meaning of life. And it’s purpose, to die! Once you are born you begin to die. I don’t know if many people have realized that, but it’s true. I’ve known this for quite a long time, since childhood. It may seem like I am not exactly optimistic, but that’s not all the time! It’s just an understood part of life, that you will die, at least physcially. I’m not into cryogenics (forgive me for the spelling errors, it’s 2am and I don’t know where my mind is) so it seems highly likely that I will die oneday! It may be soon, it may be late, but hey, it’s going to be one day. Until then, I need to live my life how I want to, but not so much that I will leave a little sooner.

Now, I’ve been walking for my entire life, minus about 1 year. Sometimes I hate walking, long distances that is! So many people are so rude and careless when they drive. It annoys me! I was walking up to bring Josh some food at work and well, there are some piss asses around in the world! Arrgggghh! People stare so much! That’s something I have discovered living here. People stare way more than people down in the southeastern part of the country! I guess that’s because there was a chance that you would get hurt. Start a war or something, well that was in the old days. Now, you may start another kind of war!

Life is like a box of chocolates, you always get the crappy ones first. I think it’s very true. People say you learn from your mistakes, right? Well, those are the crappy ones! See, my logic is so simple but yet so complex. Kind of goes with my rate and way of thinking. No one has ever thought I was an airhead, but rather that I was really weird! I don’t think I am weird. I am me, no one else. I don’t pretend to be anyone(except when I was little and went out for Halloween), I just want to be me and accepted for myself. I think that in the long run, that’s what people want. Of course in the mean time people are just trying to be like others to fit in. Oh no, here comes some of that funky thinking. I won’t do that. No, I wouldn’t subject you to something like that!

Today I am sitting here. I need to do somethings, but I don’t know if I can. I am not sure whether I have to sit here and wait for the people to bring the rest of the futon. Oh, waiting, it’s a terrible thing. Actually, it tends to get boring sometimes. I’ve mucked around with backgrounds and all, creating new webpages and such. Things are going alright. I’ve been using Josh’s computer to do some, because it’s faster. Do you ever get that feeling that you can float your thoughts? I’ve been doing that lately, and it’s kind o spooky. I don’t like invading people’s heads, it just happens. At least I don’t give them evil thoughts, I give them nice pleasant thoughts!

Furniture, oh miracles can happen! We are getting this place in order and it will be nice! I think I may be going rafting. I’m not quite sure. It was a blur. I hope I don’t die!!

I was just thinking of something. Why I don’t like frames on web pages. It’s because, say you like something on a webpage, well, you can’t print it and read it better later. I don’t have an avid despise of them, but I just don’t really like them! Well, I think I will go on doing some other things and maybe go and get stuff done! It’s supposed to rain tomorrow, so that gets things out of the way!

I’m back from VA. Ok trip, under the circumstances. I’m fine, tired a little. Things here are well. Get lots of letters from Jason in Valdosta. Aww. Someone still writes me! Mike is in Europe somewhere and of course Eric is still at Hampshire, but roving around. Josh is being his usual wonderful self. Sporting a nice shirt today and looking mighty wonderful! Just wonderful! Hmm. Well, that’s all for now! Give me a buzz if you want!

I am still here, alive and well. Just thinking. Josh is vamping his computer and I am writing my web page. Forrest Gump is on tv and we aren’t watching it. My good old Bessie got a slight overhaul, no, just a minor surgery to jumpstart her organs into better shape. Courtesy of Josh of course. But ooh, I got to take the case off!! 🙂 I bought a gargoyle for my computer. He’s rather naughty looking. I wish that there were bigger ones… but the guy just started selling them. This ones name is Morven. He has a big brother, but I didn’t get him. Maybe another day. Hmm, Josh is setting here. Go Eraser, Go Eraser goooo… A little bit of B&B Virtual Stupidity ? humor.

Sometimes I feel I’ve got to….. get used to this new keyboard…. I’ve got to…. practice pressing down harder… I got a new keyboard, Josh didn’t like the fact that my space bar was really sensitive. It just had tender feelings, if you pressed it the wrong way, it didn’t like it and got upset! That’s all! Just a few extra spaces that you didn’t want!!

I have moved and I am living with Joshua the Great! What a roomie! He doesn’t complain, nor yell about things. Pheeeew.

I can honestly say that I miss some people back in Valdosta. I miss eating dinner with Jason, Russel sometimes and with Dave sometimes. I guess I could say I miss them more than I miss my old friends back in Orlando. That is probably because they keep in touch with me more than my Orlando friends do.

I went shopping. I bought a lovely new Gothic/Industrial/Alternative cd.I don’t know who would be alternative on it, but that’s what it says! It’s pretty good. I really think I should have bought the Industrial Revolution 3rd edition, but I didn’t. I also bought about 17 Winnie the Pooh? postcards. I want to frame them and put the up. That’s what we did with the Beavis and Butthead? ones we got! It looks rather nice in the frame, if I do say so myself. I also got some Felix the cat and various other little ones. Totaling 27 postcards. Not bad if I do say so myself! Next is to buy a new printer, seeing as how I left my old one at my parents in FL…. it’s ok, I’m doing alright without it. I would like to get a new one though!! Sometime soon! Then I have to buy a bike and some other stuff. I got myself a Tigger watch. I think Josh just wanted me to get it because it was green. That boy loves green. For me, if they would have had the Classic Pooh? watch in something other than childrens plastic, I would have bought it. I guess I am writing about my shopping, just because I would have told Jason and all about them at dinner… or rather, they normally would have been with me when I bought them!

I miss my other friends and I do miss my family. I miss My niece a lot for some reason. We have some of her artwork on the fridge. A letter she wrote to Josh and a letter she wrote to a cat! How cute! She’s three and already a little drama queen. I guess she gets that from me. I used to act out songs and movies with her when I still lived in Orlando. I guess I did make an impression on the little lady!!

Alright, I guess now you have noticed that I do babble, see, I told you so. Ron used to complain about that. He’s a friend from Valdosta. Memories! Actually, he was pretty cool towards me. One of the first people in Valdosta who actually knew (or so I figure) who KMFDM and PIGFACE were.