Good Goly Miss Molly! It’s been a real long time since I have updated this. Lots of stuff has happened since now and the last time this was updated. I know that a lot more is going to happen between now and the next time. Ugh. Anyway, the job is going good. It could be… Read more Habitual

Double Flu

Surprise surprise, high-speed has arrived. Well, it’s been a busy time for me. Work is work and play is play. It’s good to be whole again. I now have a superfast internet connection at home and I am happy. Maybe now I will be more motivated to update things a bit more frequently. Took a… Read more Double Flu


I guess I am just frustrated. There was an article in the union misleader here and it has angered some people. WMUR bought up potential domain names for their new competition. That was the big news of the day? They went on to talk about how WMUR fears the competition. Funny, That whole article seemed… Read more Capitalism


I am at work right now and may upload this sooner, or later. I have returned from my visit to see my family and friends. It was nice to see everyone, but I was glad to come home. I think it was the heat mainly. This morning it was chilly… I imagine it was in… Read more Friendly


Josh and I have been sailing a lot lately. So much so that I hardly have time to e-mail people. I feel bad but I can’t help it. There are no ISPs on the lake, much less any cheap way to dial in! I have been having fun. This weekend wasn’t as great as it… Read more Sailors


Finally, I’m going to see Godzilla. I don’t care if the plot and the acting suck, I’m in it for the special effects. Deep down inside aren’t we all? Admit it folks! Yes, I thought so. I also want to see Deep Impact, another good special effects movie, bad plot. Then again, how many people… Read more Godzilla


Good Golly, has it been that long? I guess so. Don’t think that I forget, I’ve just been, dare I say, “wicked” busy lately. I’m doing better. Finals are due to arrive this week and the next. Fear not, I will survive. I am still with my beloved, and doing well with him. Although he… Read more Nerding

Lots of Writing

I am taking classes, what fun. Actually they are nice courses. Three are quite the review, but one is nice and interesting. Lots of thinking and writing will be done this semester! I don’t mind though. All is well here aside from a few injuries that halted my snowboarding! That is depressing. I was set… Read more Lots of Writing

New School

Today it is snowing. The Kitten is mouse curious, computer mouse curious. She has been climbing all over the various computers here. Silly little girl. I really don’t give a rat’s ass about what is going with the White House. No matter what, none of us will ever have all of the facts, so it… Read more New School

The Cat

I have said goodbye to Keene. I’m home and it feels good. I have a kitten now. Actually she is Josh’s, but we both adopted her. She is a dog in disguise. Don’t let her Siamese looks fool you. She sniffs and is nosey and is presently attempting to climb on the monitor. That is… Read more The Cat