Boot Weather

Ya’ll, it’s going to be cold tomorrow. /end sarcasm. It’s going to top out around 72°F which is apparently boot weather. I have a mental list of all of those I suspect will be wearing boots and probably some sort of flannel to work tomorrow. I’m expecting to be correct. I have no problem with… Read more Boot Weather


I left the kid with the husband so I could grocery shop in peace. The husband whines too much when I take him and I can’t leave the kid home alone. I arrived home to find the kiddo watching YouTube. Later while we took a family trip to the hardware store, the kid kept asking… Read more YouTube


Even with the nieces and nephews, I still find things I say to my kid that I never thought I would say. Like the invention of the potty wash. That’s where the training potty goes when we hide it from him. He’s perfectly comfortable going on a regular toilet but prefers to go on his… Read more Parenting

That’s Funny

Well, that’s funny. I do this whole internet thing for a living but can’t manage my own home on it. Go figure. Things that have happened. Kiddo has grown. A lot. He started to show a need to be around more kids so in September he started preschool and I went back to work! He’s… Read more That’s Funny

Signs You’re An Adult

Last week I anxiously awaited word that the IRS had received my payment. It hit me then that I was truly an adult. Not owning a home and paying a mortgage. Not having a child. Not voting. But rather, waiting for the federal government to take a crap load of my money. That’s what signified… Read more Signs You’re An Adult

Well That Stinks

I’ve been a busy little bee. Both with work and home. I’m still freelancing or contracting or whatever you want to call it, it’s all the same in the end. Things were supposed to slow down for a bit but the only break I managed to get was when I got a serious case of… Read more Well That Stinks


So I was given a Jingle VoxBox to review by Influenster. Some of the things I made the “kids” my testers, others, I may have devoured immediately. Like the Biscoff cookies. I’m sorry but I didn’t share a single one (there were three packs). They are the best tea biscuits ever! If you’ve never had… Read more JingleVox

Big Things

I will soon begin a new consulting project. I dare to say it is bigger than any other project that I have ever done. This time I am the one project managing it. I’m a little excited and nervous. It’s a huge project. It is more than twice the size of my largest (which was… Read more Big Things