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March 23, 2008

I'm cleaning off my desktop, so here we go...

A great idea for easter eggs for boys. From Knittycat's Tips. Just cute and quick stuff for kids.

dish scrubbies

Zetor Scarf Pattern. I think I found my first lace project.

English Garden Felted Carpetbag.

Flying Spaghetti Monster Ornament. I'm making a few of these for next year!

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February 23, 2008

I'm thinking of listing some things on etsy. I have had an etsy account since they first opened, but I have never used it. I am thinking it is time.

I will have some "stuck at home/can't go outside" time next week, so I am thinking it is the perfect thing to keep me busy. I have quite a number of buttons that I will probably list. There was a huge pack of buttons that contained the perfect buttons to use on an existing cardigan (two had been lost). The only problem was, I had to buy the whole pack. They are nice buttons, but I really can't use all of them. I would rather sell them to someone who can use them in something they do. I have to fund my Gocco habit some way, right?

Speaking of gocco. I did a test run with my only set of bulbs. I did a Torchwood/Seal of Rassilion. I ruined the Seal of Rassilion side of the screen when I attempted to clean it. I managed to clean the Torchwood side without causing harm. The screen held too much carbon, so I have to learn how to handle that. I did use the filter, but still excess carbon. I think I may have held the machine closed too long.

I need to purchase bulbs, but I haven't due in part to my need to do other things around the house. If I had the bulbs I would want to play. I really haven't had that time. So it was best for me to not purchase any. I will probably order them in a month or so. Once my schedule calms down. I hope.

So, if I do list anything on etsy, I'll be sure to post about it here as well. I'm not itching to get rid of anything quickly. I just have the time coming up to sit and take pictures of buttons. That's all.

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February 9, 2008

I already have a sonic screwdriver, but I think it would be possible to convert this pattern for a knitted sonic screwdriver into a cozy for my sonic screwdriver.

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January 6, 2008

Fly Boy FlyJosh wanted gloves for the winter so he could fly model airplanes. Knitty had just put out the Cigar pattern, so I thought that was a good idea. The pattern called for worsted weight yarn, but Josh wanted the gloves to be thin, but warm. I opted for a wool sock yarn.

The pattern I used was for a full glove, but Josh needed the thumb, index and middle fingers halved. I just had Josh try on the gloves and stopped knitting those fingers when I reached just past the first joint.

Pattern: Glove Pattern Generator
Materials used:
KnitPicks Essentials in Oxford
Stitch Markers
Scrap yarn

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I have been adding stuff to my stash list on Ravelry. My purpose in doing this is to try and find ideas for the yarn I have. I inherited a large amount of acrylic. I want to use it up. I have donated some, but I do want to make some things. So, I am hoping to post some progress reports.

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December 17, 2007

On my way home from a frightening large scale print quote, I decided to stop in the hospice shop. I walked in and it was full of shall we say, VERY elderly people. I was extremely tempted to walk out. Then I saw the buckets. The hospice shop always puts buckets of yarn in the same spot. So I started looking through. Believe it or not, there wasn't anything I wanted in the buckets. What I did find was right next to the buckets. It was... A Gocco. I have been seriously thinking of getting one for over a year now, but could never justify the price to myself. However, this one was $4.00!

Needless to say, I picked it up and carefully held on to that sucker. I went through it and it has everything. It even has the original receipt from November of 1995! The owner used two of the master sheets and eight of the bulbs. There is still ink, extra master sheets, the blue filter, paper, the pen and of course instructions. Essentially it has everything but eight of the ten batteries.

There is a dealer not too far and I can of course buy anything I need online. I've got enough stuff for now. I won't have time until after the holidays to do anything. Even then it might be a few weeks after the holidays are over before I can start playing. For now I will just be happy that I have it.

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December 8, 2007

Can I finish my husband's other glove (ravelry link*) before the twentieth? I don't know. I finished the first glove in a couple of days. So there is a possibility. Of course that means I'd have to stop doing everything else. He asked me again today if I would be able to finish them. I replied with the statement that the bathroom had to be finished first. "One project at a time" is what Josh always says to me. This time I got to say it to him.

I want to have the bathroom done by Friday. So maybe I can start on Sunday or Monday. There will be cries of joy if I am able to complete the gloves by the twentieth. He wants them so he can go flying with his dad.

*For those not on ravelry, I started a pair of knit gloves for my husband two years ago. They were to keep his hands warm while he flew. The the thumb and index finger of the glove are half covered. He typically uses those fingers to feel the controls. I am also knitting it with a wool sock yarn on size 1 US needles. This means small stitches and a lot of them. Since he hasn't flown much, I haven't had a need to work on them.

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