Parsnip cupcakes. I lurv carrot cake. The original apparently called for carrots, but was changed to parnsip. I wonder if I could just swap back the carrots. DIY kilt. Oh fun. A quick correction to the Burridge Lake Afghan that I hope to one day knit. A craftser post about a little bit of passive… Read more Links


Ask and ye shall receive! Knit an Adipose from the season premiere of Doctor Who Season 4. If I hadn’t decided to start painting the dining room, I’d have started already!


In a need to cleanse my eyes from something horrible I saw (Thanks a lot Angie). I went searching for cute kitten videos on YouTube. Eventually my search landed on this particular video. It isn’t necessarily cute. It is interesting though. The necklaces around the cat’s neck and the look on its face made me… Read more Unmarked

Link Roundup

It is time to clean off my desktop which means it is time for miftik’s link roundup. YouTube Videos: 1.) Live Action Ms. Pac-Man by the Go-Team. One word. Awesome. 2.) Cadbury Creme Egg snuff films. I don’t know who thought of these, but there is something disturbing about watching creme eggs trying to off… Read more Link Roundup

Crafty Link Cleanup

I’m cleaning off my desktop, so here we go… A great idea for easter eggs for boys. From Knittycat’s Tips. Just cute and quick stuff for kids. Knit dish scrubbies. Zetor Scarf Pattern. I think I found my first lace project. English Garden Felted Carpetbag. Flying Spaghetti Monster Ornament. I’m making a few of these… Read more Crafty Link Cleanup