After discussing my history of blogging, this site and its toddler years to a co-worker, I’ve come to realize that I miss writing here.  It has always been the stress of work or school, wanting to be with my husband or the stress of having things to do at home that stop me. I suppose… Read more Renewed


OK, I’m excited about Upular from Pogo. The YouTube video is being mefi-ed right now, but I think it can handle it. What is a Pogo? Well, he is an trip/hop dj/musician from Perth. He samples audio from films, mixes them with beats and makes awesome music from it.  If you’re on, you can… Read more Upular

Oww, my legs

I did another workout on the Wii. Mostly lunges and such. Holy cow do my legs hurt. I still have excellent balance and control. I can’t wait until the weather cools down enough to actually get some exercise outdoors. Mm, fresh air. Is anyone else starting to feel burn out from the internet? Perhaps it… Read more Oww, my legs

Twitter feed

I’ve added a twitter feed back to my site. Considering a majority of my readers read via rss feeds, you probably won’t notice. That’s Ok. I forgive you. I am going to test and see if it will do a digest of my tweets at the end of the day. Crossing fingers. That is all.

Twitter Pop

Just popping on to list a few new Twitter follows and some music discoveries. Work is strangely busy, but well that’s the way it rolls. Right? I have had a very enlightening past week and a half. I need a break. andyshauf – I found his music via the P is for Panda compilation download… Read more Twitter Pop

Twitter issue

I just noticed that when you go to a site using the twitter app, it is asking for a username and password. Well, seeing as it shouldn’t, I have removed it from my site (without ever entering my username and password of course). I know there has been some stuff going on lately, so this… Read more Twitter issue