The pain

So how many people have actually done the things they’ve posted on their Pinterest boards? I’ve been pretty good about trying the ones on mine. For the food pins, I have used my office as my test subjects, much to their waistline’s displeasure I am sure. I’ve cut back and occasionally have Josh try them.… Read more The pain

15 Years

In April, this site will have been around for 15 years. People don’t believe me but yep. 1997. Crazy, huh? I’m slowly making changes in my life to slow down the hectic schedule that seems to have plagued me. I’m not making time for myself anymore and that is wearing me down. Things that have… Read more 15 Years

ipad 2 case

So I manged to sell my iPad 1 to offset the cost of an iPad 2. I reserved it from Best Buy but after five weeks of waiting, I grew frustrated. I eventually managed to get one at one of the Apple stores. I have never been so grateful to have three Apple stores. I… Read more ipad 2 case

Holiday Time

The holidays are fast approaching. Last year I found garden gnome holiday cards at IKEA and purchased them to give to co-workers. I had planned on making cards, but this was too perfect. I don’t particularly like garden gnomes. You can thank a Goosebumps TV show episode, Revenge of the Lawn Gnomes for that. Those… Read more Holiday Time