Productivity is my bitch. I am on a roll here! I’ve registered a domain name for a client, uploaded the files I have completed to the newly created hosting account for said domain name and am doing a little dance. I have one final thing to do and I think I will be golden. Of… Read more Productivity


Dance Voldo, Dance – making the rounds. Not bad. Require Quicktime and turn down your speakers as there is some Nelly involved. My current plan is the finish Josh’s blanket by Wednesday night. I’m ahead of schedule right now, but I may barely make it before the deadline. My wrists are killing me. It is… Read more Voldo

Mock Up

First things first. Is this not the cutest darn puppy ever? Second, kitty’s site mock up is completed (for the most part) and located here. It is done in CSS. I need to install a Netscape variant to see how it looks, but it seems ok in Mozilla and I only notice one thing in… Read more Mock Up

Do I go there

I’m stuck. I have this great idea, but I’m afraid to go there. It’s for the kitty’s site. It involves color. Well, a colored background. Would people be shocked? I don’t know. I’m trying to do a little more. Ack, the fear. I’m also thinking of just going with CSS and no tables. What to… Read more Do I go there