I increased my dorkdom quite a bit today at work. Yesterday I got dual screens again (Hallelujah) and I set a new background to them. I am using this sunrise over the earth image (large jpg link). It is really awesome in general, but this evening just before I left, I made it even more… Read more Dorkdom

Cupcake Cake

I don’t know what caused me to think of it, but yesterday at work I started thinking about ways to make a giant cupcake as a birthday cake. I think that it would be pretty neat. The weird part about this was that I was working on converting pages that had nothing to do with… Read more Cupcake Cake

Hit it

I didn’t post this week due to starting the new job and starting a freelance project on the side. Basically by the time I get home, I have an hour to spend with Josh before I need to start doing other work. The job has been great. I’m documenting the procedures related to the things… Read more Hit it


Josh worked on the brakes of my car today. It was rough for a few minutes, but everything is back together and driving smoothly. Yesterday we spent the day at my parents’ house. Today was their 35th anniversary, so we went the day before to install a new kitchen faucet we bought for the occasion… Read more Car