I am trying to post more often and hopefully with a bit more meat to my entries. It will take a while to get back into it, so work with me. Techie talk: I’m trying to find a version of the iTunes coverflow (flash or java, doesn’t matter) that will allow the viewer to, upon… Read more Trying


The weather is getting chilly. The high temperature for tomorrow is 65°F. That’s borderline cold here. Wow, I actually remembered the code for the degree symbol. I should use it more often. I’m having CSS issues at work. There are finicky java scripts that I can’t mess with, so I am trying to use css… Read more Chilly

Ping Pong

I’m waiting to connect to the mail server at work. Something is going on and I can’t get to it. I’m a little too tired to think about it. I have two or three meetings tomorrow. One I’m quite interested in and another is more of a one on one lesson. I’m sharing my wisdom… Read more Ping Pong

Catching up

Whoa. Six days without a post. I’m getting back in to my old ways. That’s not good. Things have been busy here. Mostly cleaning up and working. My evil princess hasn’t been feeling well. I think it is a bit of a protest due to my changing her dry food. She’s spoiled and we (I)… Read more Catching up