Josh and I will hopefully get to take a vacation at the same time before Christmas. It seemed to be the least busiest time of year and I figure work won’t miss me too much then. Apparently the week I return will have little to no one at work. I think we’ll be down to… Read more Vacation

Side Gig

I’m working on a freelance gig that has been doing a lot of research. I’m trying to make it as easy as possible to use. I’ve been given some specific requests but basically allowed to use whatever I need to, to get it done. I was given some websites containing aspects of what was desired… Read more Side Gig


In a recent twitter post, Vonnie mentioned that very few had commented on her post about her dying her daughter’s hair pink. I of course responded with the reason why I didn’t. I tend to read Vonnie’s site via my RSS reader. Unfortunately, this also tends to make my likelyhood of commenting very small. I… Read more RSS


We are venturing into new worlds at work. Well, I am running head first and dragging work by the heels with me. I have been told on more than one occasion that when I decide to leave, the person that replaces me will hate me because of all of the work I have created. Perhaps… Read more Video


I’ve just finished making myself a batch of daal/lentils for lunch tomorrow. I’ll probably have a tiny bowl in a bit, but I’m trying to be good. So far I have to say that I like this laptop. I can type pretty fast on it and it feels natural. I usually misspell a lot on… Read more Lentils


So things have been boring enough to not write about. I try not to talk about work or where I work so it makes for boring posts. Sorry. After work I have been doing freelance work and having weird reactions to antibiotics. Fun. Today is my 10th anniversary. This afternoon Josh and I will have… Read more Boring


In some ways my very long past few days is over. In other ways, it is just beginning. I’m tired and I feel like I have neglected so much at work, though I actually am completely caught up on all of my projects. Well, caught up on my end. I seem to have budgeted my… Read more Trouble

Mail Systems

Ugh. The mail system at work has been very odd lately. Last Friday a message was sent to me and I did not receive it until Saturday morning. That didn’t matter so much because it was just a thank you note. What did matter was that today, something that had to be taken care of… Read more Mail Systems