I have a lot of craft bits. Time lately, hasn’t been my friend enough to allow me to do all of the little projects I want to do. I think I want to try and change that. Josh and I have talked about doing some things around the house that will possibly let me be… Read more Oops

Long time no post

Oops. I’ve been terrible about posting. Sorry. I discovered this quick little felt Ogee Ornament tutorial this evening. I have fun ideas for next holiday! I have never thought about using felt to make them.


I finished the footie. It sucks. It is difficult to get on and off my foot because there is ZERO elasticity in this yarn. I will use the second skein for doll clothes. This stuff was good for learning, not for wearing. I will update this entry later with a picture. I’m not even going… Read more Wah


Don’t forget that today is Towel Day! Today also happens to be 10 years from the day I was supposed to walk the stage at graduation. I don’t regret not being able to. I wasn’t able to due to my missing rehearsal the day before. I was on a plane flying back at the time.… Read more Towels


For my husband, a link to “The Most Powerful Diesel Engine In The World“. It is causing my flashbacks to when we change the timing belt in our TDI. /shudders link via the BoingBoing archives I am making chicken for the little ones. They actually like when I cook chicken, so there we go. There… Read more Diesel

With Teeth

I’m not quite sure what to make of the new Nine Inch Nails album, With Teeth. I really like The Hands That Feeds, but I am impartial to the rest of it. The latest Mindless Self Indulgence isn’t too bad though.


We are home once again. We arrived back last night and spent most of the day getting everything back in order. Our computers are back in their appropriate spots and we have plenty of Sun-Drop soda. AJ managed to get addicted when he was with us up there a few weeks ago. Sun-Drop is so… Read more Home