I am approaching 85% completion. I’ve updated my redirects for feeds. If you are reading via a feed reader, you can update your feed urls by checking the homepage or hopefully things will work properly and they will redirect.

I still have some odds and ends to fill in on the page, but it is coming along nicely. I’m planning on cutting down to smaller ads for blogHer. Honestly, there is a lot of room being wasted on ads that don’t generate all that much money. Being part of the blogHer system does generate more readers though. I’ve found some great sites via the network.

I’m debating about whether to include google ads as well. I’ve found some cool things via the ads, so I’m not sure I want to get rid of them. Again, they don’t necessarily generate a great deal of income, but their existence doesn’t hurt!

So, after the main blog is completed, I still have my craft section to redo. I also need to do something with the recipes. When all of that is done, I get to clean up files and write a boat load of redirects. Perl script? hint hint.

Well, I survived the night. I can’t open my jaw very much. Which made last night’s vomitting even more horrible than you can imagine. I am going to get my stitches and all checked tomorrow. I’m doing OK on the pain front. I’m pretty good at handling pain anyway, so a couple of ibuprofen are doing better than the vicodin. At least I’m not sleepy all the time. I’m just a little sleepy from the other medicine. The weirdest thing about all of this is the hiccups. In the last 24 hours I think I have had them eight or nine times.

The temperature is dropping here. I went out to check the mail and it was in the 50s. It was 89 on the coast yesterday. Too flipping weird. We are supposed to hit freezing tonight. Burrrr.

Monday I donated nine bags of things to charity. I totaled everything that we have to donate and it is over $900 for taxes. Folks, I highly recommend getting receipts for your donations. I also recommend keeping your sales receipts as well. If you do not have a state income tax, you can actually deduct the taxes you paid on items your purchased, from your federal income tax. Josh and I were able to deduct over $600. That’s just from the receipts we had on hand. I’m doing better and am keeping track of my cash receipts as well.

Well, I do believe it is time for me to take my medicine. Yay for me.

My immune system has been abnormal for quite some time. I am always getting sick. I decided to give DanActive drinks a try. Considering how much I dislike sweet yogurts, this is a big deal for me. I am on day two of drinking them. So far everything seems fine. I am holding my nose as I drink them. If I didn’t, there is a very likely risk of vomit*. I will report any noticeable changes if they occur. I’m going to give it about two weeks. I figure that should be sufficient.

So there you go folks. I’ll be your guinea pig and let you know!

*Yes, I can’t stand it that much.

I am 83 and one third percent done with my Yule shopping for the kids. What that means is I have one present left to purchase. I did fairly well in getting what I set out for. I bought three presents at one store (plus another for my mom to give to one of the kids) and two more at another. I specifically went for things I knew they wanted or things that I knew would appeal to them. They aren’t the hottest new items on the market, so I wasn’t concerned about waiting for the deals. Their parents will be buying them those things.

I even bought a little more wrapping paper so I can get this stuff done. I’m going to clear out space in the closet and put them there. Then I can call that done.

I made a pie this morning. I am working on an apple pie recipe* that uses the least amount of sugar and that is easier on the glycemic index. Josh is going to take the pie in to work tomorrow to see what the guys there think. I made a 2.5″ pie for Josh to eat over the next few days. I don’t like apple pie, but I enjoy making it. I think I may do a bit more holiday baking this year. I can make my holiday bread lump. Basically it is bread with different cheeses and some vegetables in it that you bake on a cookie sheet. It looks like a lump and is quite yummy. I wonder how well my recipe would translate using soy flour??

*If the boys at work like it, I’ll post it in the recipes section.

Via Pamela

Pay It Forward: I will send a little gift to the first five people who leave a comment here or in my LiveJournal.

I don’t yet know what that gift will be, but you will receive it within 365 days. The only thing you have to do in return is “pay it forward” by making a similar agreement on your journal.

I may knit something. Perhaps I will sew it. Maybe I’ll make use of all of the beads and jewelry making supplies I have. It could be a mix cd. It may be something useful or completely silly. Perhaps one day when you weren’t expecting it, you’ll find a little something in the mail.

So, who wants to get a surprise in the mail? Comment here and then email me your mailing address!

I’ll hopefully remember to edit this entry when I get all of the people.

This is a pretty hectic month for me. Obviously. I haven’t been too talkative thanks to a ton of work.

I just submitted my final programming assignment for networking. All that I have in there is possibly a busy work homework assignment and the final exam. In CS I have three programming assignments to go. Stressful? Probably. They are due in just over a week.

I am going to allow myself a tiny little break (an hour to relax) and then I will get started. Tomorrow I am heading to my parents and then to my aunt’s for a birthday party for my cousin. I had scheduled tomorrow in, so I am actually a little ahead of schedule. I wasn’t going to start working on my other programs until Sunday.

Tonight/tomorrow the last HP book comes out. There is a bit of dread in the air. For some it is not knowing what will happen, for others it is knowing that this is it. There are no more books. Once the last movie is made, I’m sure people will be really upset. I’m OK. Of everything about Harry Potter, the one thing I enjoyed the most was that it got so many people reading and thinking creatively. I just hope that can continue.

I haven’t looked it up, but I am wondering if it is good luck to have bird poop land on your laptop screen? Just a tiny little dot about the size of a ball point pen tip got on, but I wonder if the luck thing would still work. Don’t worry, I was able to safely get it off of the screen.

I’m procrastinating, but I shouldn’t be. I went shopping and bought a new cd stand. It is small, but it holds all of the cds we have. I’m so busy with school and Josh is so busy with work that building the large cabinet that we have planned is on hold for quite some time.

I have to write a program for distance vector routing and also a program that I believe is supposed to be using a tries, but I’m not clear. A large number of students were caught cheating in last semester’s class and now this semester is feeling the wrath. I understand the project specs, but I am just avoiding it.

The cat is boycotting the food we are giving her. We put her back on her holistic food. We ran out and my car battery died before I could get her some more. So, I did the unthinkable. I gave her Friskies that we picked up at the grocery store. Josh calls it her PopTarts. So now she is avoiding her Salmon and Trout in favor of chicken in gravy. Weirdo. I managed to get her to eat something by locking her in a room with me and just let her cry and fuss until she gave up and ate it. She’s still resisting it, but she’ll eat when she is hungry.

I’m watching the rain wait for the Autism Speaks 400 Nascar Race. I’ve never really listened to Elliot Sadler until today. He still has that southern Virginia accent.

Oh, here comes the cat. She’s pawing at me for food. This is too pathetic. She needs a kitten.

Josh is on the phone with Eric talking beer brewing. I don’t know if Eric called for me or for Josh, but they’ve been on the phone for quite some time.

We just went through a crap load of rain. There was a tiny bit of hail. I think I had a river in the back yard and a lake in my front yard for about ten minutes. Oh and apparently I need to clean the gutters, again. That was so gross. Hey, maybe Josh can do it this time since he is off! I’m going to be in recovery mode from getting more wisdom teeth removed tomorrow.

I’m so tired. I am fighting to stay awake right now. I have some towels and a fleece pullover in the dryer. The towels I don’t mind staying in there but I really want to make sure everything gets dry. I need that fleece in the morning. I’m hoping they won’t take too long.

Classes start tomorrow. I feel like I never had a vacation. What’s up with that.

OK. I’m going to go stand by the dryer and will them to dry faster. I can’t stay up too much longer and the cat is hungry. I refuse to feed her until I go to sleep. Otherwise she’ll want more when I finally do go to sleep.

Oh… and here is my take on the news today….

Gators gators gators gators gators gators gators gators. UF. Gators gators gators gators gators gators gators gators gators gators gators gators gators gators gators gators gators gators gators gators gators gators gators gators gators gators gators gators gators gators gators gators gators gators gators gators gators gators gators.

Goody gravy am I glad I decided not to go to UF. I fear I may have become one of those people.