Rich Uncle

Some days I wish I had a mysterious, long-lost rich uncle that left me all of his fortune. I don’t want to buy extravagant things. I like my house. I’d just want to buy the two vacant lots next door for a larger yard. Not that mine is small but I have a layout in… Read more Rich Uncle

Theft or Flattery

Perhaps the title of this entry is misleading. There is no flattery, it’s all theft. I just discovered a site/company/entity is using a photo of mine. While the “credited” me, they did not request permission to use it. The copyright information is listed with the image, but it was still lifted. The annoying thing is,… Read more Theft or Flattery


When I was hired, I had a set task of things I was expected to do. It has been just over two years the scope of my job has changed quite a bit. I’ve been toying around with video editing but because I am just borrowing on of the macs, I don’t have the tools… Read more Scopes


In a recent twitter post, Vonnie mentioned that very few had commented on her post about her dying her daughter’s hair pink. I of course responded with the reason why I didn’t. I tend to read Vonnie’s site via my RSS reader. Unfortunately, this also tends to make my likelyhood of commenting very small. I… Read more RSS


We are venturing into new worlds at work. Well, I am running head first and dragging work by the heels with me. I have been told on more than one occasion that when I decide to leave, the person that replaces me will hate me because of all of the work I have created. Perhaps… Read more Video