I was trying to do some work on a php script and I just couldn’t concentrate. Eventually I tried some css. /sigh I’m too tired to do anything. I got some really good stills from New Line. I love those guys. (ok, sometimes I love them.) Some made me sad, some made me gasp. Damn… Read more Sleepy


The macros are working! See, when I type :skittles: it shows up as: :skittles: I’ve got other ones for people and places that I link to often enough. I just thought I was going insane. Come to find out, I just shouldn’t work when I’m tired. The kids are off playing Ages of Empire with… Read more macros

Wireless cams

So, I’m trying to figure out how to hook up some wireless cams, using the cams I already have, which are quite a few. Why hasn’t anyone come out with a wireless usb port? That’s what I really need. Plug my usb device into a little device and bam, connected to the network. If Linksys… Read more Wireless cams