Big Things

I will soon begin a new consulting project. I dare to say it is bigger than any other project that I have ever done. This time I am the one project managing it. I’m a little excited and nervous. It’s a huge project. It is more than twice the size of my largest (which was… Read more Big Things

Worth It

Oh my dear site. I’m sorry. I promise it was worth it. It’s taken nearly five years and a lot of hard work but I have a new title at work!  I still do what I have been doing for the past three years but now it’s official that I am doing it. In other… Read more Worth It

New Devices

I have had the hardest time connecting my iPad to connect to this site but i think this time it is finally working. Maybe I can start updating more throughout my day. I am either too tired to update or too busy when I get home. I am living the whole working hard for my… Read more New Devices

ipad 2 case

So I manged to sell my iPad 1 to offset the cost of an iPad 2. I reserved it from Best Buy but after five weeks of waiting, I grew frustrated. I eventually managed to get one at one of the Apple stores. I have never been so grateful to have three Apple stores. I… Read more ipad 2 case

new iPad

Yesterday the new iPad arrived in stores. Part of me would like to upgrade my existing one but the other one is saying no, wait. I’m having a hard time waiting. Of course Josh doesn’t think I need to upgrade. /sigh In other news, there was also a massive earthquake and resulting tsunami in Japan.… Read more new iPad

From a Mac

This happens to be my first post from my Mac-mini. Yep. I finally got one. I was planning on purchasing an iMac, but we were given a good deal on a nearly new Mac-mini that we couldn’t pass up. It will absolutely serve its purpose for me (to develop on). Because the Mac mini doesn’t… Read more From a Mac