OK, I officially graduated. I was getting paranoid due to something disturbing I found when checking my school account. Just after graduation I logged into the system at school and it said everything was cool and all of my requirements were met. Then this past weekend I logged in again to find out some information on a course I had taken and my degree audit was stating that my requirements weren’t met. I did some looking around and I knew they were met, but that doesn’t mean jack if the person checking at the school doesn’t check via the other route (the non-standard). So, all week I have been wondering and waiting and yesterday I started to feel better.

That was because the alumni sent me an invitation to join their online network. You must be validated by the school first to join, so that was sign one. Sign two (aka, final proof) arrived this afternoon via the mailman. The diploma arrived. Pheew. So, I have officially graduated.

Also in the mail today was an invitation to Josh’s cousin’s wedding. I am hoping we can make it but that would depend on work, both Josh getting time off and whether I have work to go to.

OK, off to deal with the terror that is my kitty. She’s becoming more and more obsessed with eating lately. It is driving me crazy.

So, I officially passed the one class I was worried about. That means I have actually graduated. Now I can celebrate by working on my resume and portfolio. Unfortunately I cannot find examples from one of my most notable jobs. I can’t even find it in any archive.

We watched the STS-118 lift-off, but my shots didn’t look so great. There has been a haze over the area all day and the shuttle was also going off away from us. That’s OK, we always enjoy watching it, no matter where we do the watching.

Ooh, silly youTube videos… one and two. Turn down the speakers.

GraduationSo I walked. I am tired. The guy said my name wrong even though it was properly spelled phoentically. He added an extra t to my last name.

I have to give a huge thank you to someone I don’t really know, but met today. Mr. Gregory John Thomas Underwood. You see, we forgot the tickets for graduation here at the house. The house is about an hour away from campus and there wouldn’t have been time to go back and get them. Gregory’s father overheard me freaking out and mentioned it to Gregory and he gave us the extra tickets he had! It was very nice of him. I actually ended up in line next to him and sitting next to him throughout the ceremony. He is getting his Master’s in History. Doh. Good luck!

My heart nearly gave out when I couldn’t find my name under what I thought they were listing my degree as. There were name changes that occured that changed the name of my degree. Apparently they list part of my old degree (The Computer Information Technology portion) in the title. I was apparently the only one doing this specialized degree and I found my name on the second to last page of names in the commencement guide. Doh.

Hey Eric… Zeeshan got his doctoral and I saw Swastik! The TA from Foroosh’s class got his masters. I think Karthik got his too.

So… school is out.. for a while. Did I pass CS? I don’t know. I don’t feel confident, but at this point I am not stressing. I had a crying session in the hall of Engineering 3. I needed to get it out before I drove home. It was more of an anger cry. I have already made a decision as to what to do, so I am not stressed anymore. I will be graduating on Saturday. When my diploma comes is another story. I might have to technically wait until December to get my diploma. I am waiting to receive an email tomorrow until I figure it all out.

I didn’t get any caffeine until very late today, so the lack of that coupled with little sleep and the stress of the exam, I have had one massive headache.

Other news. My car had its first mud bath today. It started raining like mad and a small flood occured right in front of me. That was fun. Then about 200 feet later a dump truck drove through muddy water and splashed it on my car. The mud was from a construction site. Another truck washed it away for me not too far down the road. The rain got the rest. It rained a lot in a very short amount of time, so there were lots of places flooding. It is still raining right now. Fun.

OK, off to do something productive like sweep or maybe sleep.

I’m stopping on my current programming assignment. I keep getting a NullPointerException and I am fed up with getting no where. I really need to do well on my final, so this is being put on the back burner until Monday when I can try talking to another instructor or TA.

Holy crap. Lightning just struck really close. The power went out and I felt vibrations. Gotta go check to make sure nothing is burned in the neighborhood.

Stress, stress, stress. If stress is bad for your health, I’m probably knocking on death’s door. I’ve been a wreck trying to make sure I pass one class (pass requiring a C+) and trying to make sure the school has their ducks in a row so that I graduate without any problems. I am just tired.

My partner and I figured out our lab program, but we both have two other programs to write for the same class. We finished our networking client/server program. I got a 100.

I was looking at my grade for CS and I realized that 43% of our grade isn’t factored in. 2% is due Friday night, that’s done though.10% is due on Monday night, that I am stressing about. 3% is lab related. 20% is related to the final exam on Wednsday. Another 5% hasn’t been graded yet. Ahhhhh. Madness, all madness.

The program I am working on is stressing me out because I know my algorithm is correct (I talked to one of my professors), so it is my implementation. The TA has mentioned that I can come to him for help, but I want to try and figure this out for myself. I may end up going to him or the tutoring center to figure my problem out. It is just an out of bounds error. Of course it is probably one of the most useless error messages ever invented. /sigh

OK, enough fussing about my problems. I’m going back to this program.

This is a pretty hectic month for me. Obviously. I haven’t been too talkative thanks to a ton of work.

I just submitted my final programming assignment for networking. All that I have in there is possibly a busy work homework assignment and the final exam. In CS I have three programming assignments to go. Stressful? Probably. They are due in just over a week.

I am going to allow myself a tiny little break (an hour to relax) and then I will get started. Tomorrow I am heading to my parents and then to my aunt’s for a birthday party for my cousin. I had scheduled tomorrow in, so I am actually a little ahead of schedule. I wasn’t going to start working on my other programs until Sunday.

Tonight/tomorrow the last HP book comes out. There is a bit of dread in the air. For some it is not knowing what will happen, for others it is knowing that this is it. There are no more books. Once the last movie is made, I’m sure people will be really upset. I’m OK. Of everything about Harry Potter, the one thing I enjoyed the most was that it got so many people reading and thinking creatively. I just hope that can continue.

I haven’t looked it up, but I am wondering if it is good luck to have bird poop land on your laptop screen? Just a tiny little dot about the size of a ball point pen tip got on, but I wonder if the luck thing would still work. Don’t worry, I was able to safely get it off of the screen.

So I mentioned to Josh that I might want to buy a wii. He said maybe in September. You see, the cost of a wii is almost the same as a month and a half’s cost for me to drive to school and eat lunch on campus one day a week of that month and a half. Too darn expensive.

I haven’t been able to ride the bus this semester because of the times for my classes suck. Hopefully this will be the last semester. So long as a I pass. Eek.

So I 1) got my exam grade back and 2) discovered only seven people have gotten their program three grade so far. That makes me feel better.

I really need to get this program working. I’ve got my disjoint set class setup and I have a general idea for the rest of it. I need to redo my heapsort. I broke mine from a previous assignment. Oops.

I’ve also entered the realm of over dorkiness. I recorded myself on my voice recorder so that I can listen to myself as I read the things I need to study for my exam in networking. Don’t knock it, I have an A in there and would like to keep my grade up there in case anything goes bad from here! Besides it took me a total of thirty minutes to do it. I did it between switching laundry loads.

So, my lab partner emailed me back and she got an increase in her grade for program 2 as well. So, I’m stuck waiting. I hate when they do that. I hope it goes up today. If not, I don’t have time to worry about it. I have an exam tomrrow and a program due on Friday. I don’t have time to worry!