Well That Stinks

I’ve been a busy little bee. Both with work and home. I’m still freelancing or contracting or whatever you want to call it, it’s all the same in the end. Things were supposed to slow down for a bit but the only break I managed to get was when I got a serious case of… Read more Well That Stinks


I’m trying to be more patient. However, it is truly being tested. I think I could be happy for a few years living on an island with just my husband, pets and the internet. I mean it. I’m thinking about it. How much do islands cost? Probably too expensive. OK, how about Montana? How difficult… Read more Patience

Theft or Flattery

Perhaps the title of this entry is misleading. There is no flattery, it’s all theft. I just discovered a site/company/entity is using a photo of mine. While the “credited” me, they did not request permission to use it. The copyright information is listed with the image, but it was still lifted. The annoying thing is,… Read more Theft or Flattery


On Thursday I noticed a pending charge for $0.24 in my checking account. Knowing that Josh had purchased items recently, I thought it was possible that he ordered them with the debit card and not the credit card. He swore that he hadn’t. I eventually found a super secret customer service number (it was close… Read more Fraud

Feeling late

Things have been super busy. Busy at home with cleaning and with visits from my family all weekend. Busy at work with usual business. Today I received my cell phone bill and found a charge for $9.99 for a premium service. Apparently this company named SJA mobile was able to charge my account after they… Read more Feeling late

Mr Camaro

Mr. red Camaro driver (Plate R12 ITE), you murdered a turtle today. You had plenty of room to move, yet you did not. That makes you a turtle murderer. You look like the type of person that watches My Name Is Earl. You should know that karma applies to killing small creatures too. Remember this… Read more Mr Camaro

Stop It

It isn’t even 7:30 in the morning. Please turn your car stereo down. I don’t want to hear your Reggaeton now or any other time if you want to be honest. It is the same beat in every song. At least mix it up a bit. Jeez. This would be the down side of living… Read more Stop It