I was checking my mail just now and instead of reading across the subject line, I read the first words of each subject line. Interestingly, the words I read were “offer”, “electric” and “chair.” Living in Florida, I honestly thought there was a possibility of getting myself an electric chair. That would make for interesting living room furniture!

Josh and I have discussed bookshelves for the blank wall. This hack has potential if we use it on another bookshelf. My only concern is that I really want something that will store my vinyl and my large art books. I need a hair under 13″ for that. Most of the shelves I have found are 13″ in depth which means that we would have to put on swing out doors or else we could risk not having enough room.

If we can figure out a way to add doors to this Granemo shelf, it would be perfect. I wonder if Josh would be up to making just doors.

Well, I survived the night. I can’t open my jaw very much. Which made last night’s vomitting even more horrible than you can imagine. I am going to get my stitches and all checked tomorrow. I’m doing OK on the pain front. I’m pretty good at handling pain anyway, so a couple of ibuprofen are doing better than the vicodin. At least I’m not sleepy all the time. I’m just a little sleepy from the other medicine. The weirdest thing about all of this is the hiccups. In the last 24 hours I think I have had them eight or nine times.

The temperature is dropping here. I went out to check the mail and it was in the 50s. It was 89 on the coast yesterday. Too flipping weird. We are supposed to hit freezing tonight. Burrrr.

Monday I donated nine bags of things to charity. I totaled everything that we have to donate and it is over $900 for taxes. Folks, I highly recommend getting receipts for your donations. I also recommend keeping your sales receipts as well. If you do not have a state income tax, you can actually deduct the taxes you paid on items your purchased, from your federal income tax. Josh and I were able to deduct over $600. That’s just from the receipts we had on hand. I’m doing better and am keeping track of my cash receipts as well.

Well, I do believe it is time for me to take my medicine. Yay for me.

While paying my car insurance bill, I noticed a slip of paper noting a new insurance that they offer. It was freaking wedding insurance. WTF? What’s next, funeral insurance? Oh wait, they probably already have that. Is this the state that we are in? People don’t feel confident in their relationship that they take out insurance on their wedding? Or is it because they watch all of those wedding disaster stories on TV and fear that they are going to be struck by a hurricane even though they live in central Kansas. Oi vey. Do what Josh and I did, get married and tell everyone after you’ve already done it.

Oddly enough, I’m going to a wedding two weeks from today. I’m going to freeze my butt of though. Tomorrows high for where I am heading, 66° F and it goes down from there. The high for Wednesday, 54° F. Eeek. I’ll only be there for a few days, but it appears that it is going to be a wee bit chilly. We’re looking at the 90s here this week. Just a little warmer. /sigh

“I think computer viruses should count as life. I think it says something about human nature that the only form of life we have created so far is purely destructive. We’ve created life in our own image.”

– Stephen Hawking

I keep getting these spam messages in my inbox about gaining a few inches. Sorry folks but I’m trying to loose a few inches.

Back to studying. I am so freaking tired. One final down and three more to go!

Some people are weird. I write as my cat, but I don’t do it as if she was an idiot. She doesn’t call me meowmie. She refers to me as mommy, mother, and that lady when she is angry with me. Even though what I write is geared towards kid friendly reading, she does venture into “older people” topics. Hey at least I get money to write as my cat. (Nancy, I do sometimes seriously consider the whole book plan.)

I’m sorry about that, I’m babbling. I’m just getting irritated by these “My meowmie won’t wet me hab any milk” posts. Your cat is probably more intelligent than you. It is probably tolerating your stupidity because you will do what it tells you so it therefore doesn’t have to go out hunting unless it WANTS to go out hunting. Contrary to popular belief, it isn’t bringing dead animals to you because it loves you, it is reminding you what it will make of you if you piss it off.

A few questions for folks. Comment or email, either way as usual.

First, has anyone ever used BioFreeze before? I received a sample from a customer at my dad’s shop and finally needed to use it for my mom’s ankle. It seemed to help, but I am just curious whether anyone else has used it.

Second, I need recommendations on bike locks. I need to leave my bike on one campus while I go to another. While I am not near it, i’d like to keep it secure. I’m ready to use two locks if necessary. It isn’t an expensive bike, but I would like to come back and find it rather than have to walk home. Home isn’t that far, but it will be far enough if I have to walk it with my books and gear.

Today is a gloomy and overcast day. We had plans, but the weather seems to have taken the life out of us.

If you haven’t been following the events of “A Very Lego Christmas” over at blogography.com, you should. Scroll down some to start from the beginning. Every day Dave opens a door to his Lego Advent Calendar which gives a new piece to add to the story. It has been, um, entertaining.

Movies, let me see. I did not love Aeon Flux but that is probably because I am a totally biased Aeon cartoon lover. It was OK, but nothing like the old cartoon. Narnia was gorgeous and I am hoping to see King Kong soon. I am a Weta fan. How nice is it that they have a list of resources for the field.

So here’s my problem… No matter how many filing cabinets I have. No matter how many shelves I have and no matter how many organizing products I have, I always have at least one pile of papers and folders on my desk. Currently, I have three with a fourth one within sight.

It is just so much easier to put a sheet of paper in a pile than it is for me to find the proper folder and file it away. The folders on the desk are for projects or clients I am working on currently. It is easier to have those in a stack than to find them in the filing cabinet.

I like the ideas they have on shows like Clean Sweep, but time just doesn’t allow for the proper filing of papers every day.

On that note, I suppose I should try to sift through these piles and possibly put some of them up.

When Josh went to the eye doctor, I went with him. One of the eyeglass ?sales persons? looked and acted like an actor/character I had seen, but couldn’t place. Well, while making some tea, I remembered.

He reminded me of Ian Gomez. In particular it was his role on Felicity that this guy reminded me of. I only saw Felicity a few times, but he stood out in my mind I guess.

Anywho, I had to make note of this because it bugged me for a while trying to remember who I was thinking of.

No yarn yet. Forgive me while I pout. I know I was being overly optimistic hoping it would get here that quick, but a girl can dream.