Music Update

If you follow me on twitter, you’ll no doubt have realized that I am a fan of English Alt Folk music. One of the bands that is breaking through to the mainstream is of course the one and only Mumford and Sons. I discovered them via myspace. They were friends of a friend and I… Read more Music Update


My grandfather passed away a recently. With his passing, I’ve been reflecting. Don’t we all do that when someone passes? Well, I’m doing it. I’ve reflected that I need to make a list of all of my uncompleted projects and kick myself into gear. No excuses, just completions. One of the cats got sick and… Read more Passing


Ahh, Fall. You have arrived. OK, so our highs are still in the mid to upper 80s, but it isn’t a bad thing, right? I miss seasons or at least the appearance of them. I like visiting places that have snowy winters but I think I am done living there. I’m 33 and I have… Read more Fall


I made my decision on my business cards and domain. I stuck with my original choice. Josh still isn’t keen on it, but it is my domain. He has his own. Now I am going to just wait for the DNS to resolve. I played around with a logo but in the end I decided… Read more Decided

From a Mac

This happens to be my first post from my Mac-mini. Yep. I finally got one. I was planning on purchasing an iMac, but we were given a good deal on a nearly new Mac-mini that we couldn’t pass up. It will absolutely serve its purpose for me (to develop on). Because the Mac mini doesn’t… Read more From a Mac


I am naturally tan thanks to my genes but I can get tanner. I don’t have tinted windows on my car and with my a/c pooping out, I tend to drive with the windows down. That of course leads to the farmers tan. It finally reached a critical point when I realized I had a… Read more Suntan

All for Me

I have had a moment. I’ve finally decided to start doing stuff for myself first and then if I am able to, others. It is against my nature but helping others has caused me to hold off doing what I want to do just in case someone needed help. In other news. Still no Mac.… Read more All for Me

Rich Uncle

Some days I wish I had a mysterious, long-lost rich uncle that left me all of his fortune. I don’t want to buy extravagant things. I like my house. I’d just want to buy the two vacant lots next door for a larger yard. Not that mine is small but I have a layout in… Read more Rich Uncle