If you had asked me 20 years ago that I’d have five cats, I’d say you were crazy. I grew up with dogs, hamsters and rabbits, not cats. It was Josh that wanted a cat. When we got the evil princess in ’97, she was just that, an evil little princess. She was sweet to… Read more Cats

15 Years

In April, this site will have been around for 15 years. People don’t believe me but yep. 1997. Crazy, huh? I’m slowly making changes in my life to slow down the hectic schedule that seems to have plagued me. I’m not making time for myself anymore and that is wearing me down. Things that have… Read more 15 Years


In the attempt to not be so diversified in my domains, I’m slowly closing shop on some of them that I administer. In my head it means I can focus on other things, like my life. Maybe this site too. No guarantees. You see how things are going as it is. I just felt a little sad… Read more Terrible


I’m trying to be more patient. However, it is truly being tested. I think I could be happy for a few years living on an island with just my husband, pets and the internet. I mean it. I’m thinking about it. How much do islands cost? Probably too expensive. OK, how about Montana? How difficult… Read more Patience

new iPad

Yesterday the new iPad arrived in stores. Part of me would like to upgrade my existing one but the other one is saying no, wait. I’m having a hard time waiting. Of course Josh doesn’t think I need to upgrade. /sigh In other news, there was also a massive earthquake and resulting tsunami in Japan.… Read more new iPad

Yes Yes

It is 2011. I was lame and didn’t stay awake. My husband is sick with a terrible cold and it wasn’t anything remotely close to possible to keep him awake. It’s OK though. I was with the person I love and that was all that I needed. Yesterday I decided to do something that I… Read more Yes Yes