I haven’t posted in a very long time, obviously. Why? Well, in January of 2019 my mother had a stroke. She seemed to recover, but with some bad effects. After a few months, things got worse and in November of 2019, she passed away. This site’s original intention was for me to communicate with my… Read more Change


I just finish watching Avengers Endgame. I’m trying to process it all. I rarely ever feel emotion over a movie that is not based on fact but I do for this one. I don’t even know what I feel. Perhaps I’m just accepting that this was the last of the original movies and now we’re… Read more Endgame

In My Head

I compose a lot of entries in my head. They somehow never make it here. Here’s one that flits in my head often… Throughout my 20+ years as a professional, it has more often than not been men that have stood by me and rallied behind me to get equivalent pay. It has been women… Read more In My Head


Having worked in local government and also in the local media, I know the low level shadiness that goes on inside and between both. I’ve just come to distrust everything that I don’t witness for myself. I don’t even post or repost articles on Facebook unless I’ve verified them from three different sources. And that… Read more Shady

I Read

I was given the nickname of MacGyver about 10 years ago. This was due to my knowledge of seemingly random information. Information that I am able to use to to solve problems. I have been asked many times how is it that I “know all this stuff?” I usually answer, “I read.” The honest answer… Read more I Read


Dear Abby used to appear in the same section as the comics did in the Sunday paper. I would occasionally read the column. I can distinctly remember the column that made me never read it again. It was the column about toilet paper orientation. At nine years old I decided her advice was not worth… Read more Orientation

Boot Weather

Ya’ll, it’s going to be cold tomorrow. /end sarcasm. It’s going to top out around 72°F which is apparently boot weather. I have a mental list of all of those I suspect will be wearing boots and probably some sort of flannel to work tomorrow. I’m expecting to be correct. I have no problem with… Read more Boot Weather


I left the kid with the husband so I could grocery shop in peace. The husband whines too much when I take him and I can’t leave the kid home alone. I arrived home to find the kiddo watching YouTube. Later while we took a family trip to the hardware store, the kid kept asking… Read more YouTube


Even with the nieces and nephews, I still find things I say to my kid that I never thought I would say. Like the invention of the potty wash. That’s where the training potty goes when we hide it from him. He’s perfectly comfortable going on a regular toilet but prefers to go on his… Read more Parenting

That’s Funny

Well, that’s funny. I do this whole internet thing for a living but can’t manage my own home on it. Go figure. Things that have happened. Kiddo has grown. A lot. He started to show a need to be around more kids so in September he started preschool and I went back to work! He’s… Read more That’s Funny