Oh my dear site. I’m sorry. I promise it was worth it. It’s taken nearly five years and a lot of hard work but I have a new title at work!  I still do what I have been doing for the past three years but now it’s official that I am doing it.

In other news, I joined the dark side and got an iPhone. I decided to give it a whirl. It’s not like I couldn’t sell it for a decent price if I didn’t like it. So far so good. Everyone is on me about not faffing over it. It’s okay. It’s not the bees knees or anything. Honestly, there hasn’t been too much of a difference for me. It does what my android did. It’s kind of been more of a hassle when it comes to music and ringtones. I don’t use it for movies, so I can’t say how it does there. It was way easier to load music on my android.

When it comes to performance, I’ve had tactile response issues with the screen. It’s frozen on me a few times and it has turned itself off on me a couple of times too. I was NOT a happy camper then. I couldn’t get it to turn itself back on and it finally took plugging it in to my computer to get it back on. It had 86% battery life too. No idea what caused it, but it happened. Just thankful I had my work phone in case there was an emergency.

I did buy myself a little present for my phone. Actually, it was for any device. I got a little Belkin Bluetooth Receiver for Smartphones. My car doesn’t have Bluetooth in it (that apparently came standard in the next year’s model). I don’t listen to local radio unless it is the news channel for traffic. So, I prefer listening to TripleJ or audiobooks (Game of Thrones is my latest kick). I had been researching Bluetooth receivers for a while and kept going back to this one. I have not had good luck with the FM transmitters. Even the so-called good brand ones. I found that there were two Belkin models that looked identical. A bit more research led me to discover that they were. Interestingly enough, one sells for twice the price of the one I got! Make sure you get the F4U037 model!

So what else did I buy? A clear back bumper for my phone and oh yes, a new septic leach field. Don’t be jealous. I’d forgotten what it was like to be able to use water without fear of something really bad happening (like non-clear liquids coming back out of pipes). Thankfully we never got to the point of wrong things coming from the pipes, but the fear was there. Oh yes, it was there! So yes, don’t be jealous. Really. I mean it. New leach field, it’s worth it.

Happy day to celebrate the spring equinox.

We made the trek over to my parents’ house this morning. After discovering it far too quiet, I got to work dyeing eggs for my cousins’ children and my nieces and nephews. When did they stop packaging the way crayon in the boxes? I found a few birthday candles that worked but they were so thin they kept breaking. I forgot to take photos of the eggs but I was quite impressed with my skills. One looked like a superhero (face and mask).  I marbleized quite a few and they looked beyond cool.

I managed to video the egg hunt. It took exactly six minutes for five kids to find four dozen eggs. We did have to guide a few kids to some but I think that was due to our egg hiding abilities. I hid one in a tree branch. I made it a little obvious but a little difficult to get to. Shalyn got it after climbing in a chair. We were good and didn’t put any near my parents’ rose bushes. The thorns on that thing look like something from a horror movie.

Our shed is nearly complete on the outside. It just needs trim. Next week we will be painting the inside of the shed. That should hopefully brighten it up. We have contemplated getting solar panels to power lighting but the expense isn’t quite justified for a shed. I have an on-running joke with Josh about tap-lights. I bought a box of little magnet lights for our cabinets and it came with two tap-lights.  Now when we reach a situation that could use more lights, I recommend a tap-light. It’s the little things that amuse me.

Well, I’m off to see why my washing machine is pulling a Mr. Mom and walking away from the wall. Like I really need this expense. I’m hoping it is something I can repair. How hard is it to repair a spring? That seems to be a major culprit in washing machines.

Is there a resurgence of romance novels or does that genre always float in the background? I have had people recommend books only to discover they are romance novels. It amuses me every time I go to the used book store and see that the largest group of books are used romance novels. I guess they aren’t books that you want to read multiple times.

In other news, yesterday while testing out the camera in bright light conditions I came across something in the backyard. Two trees from the lot next door fell into our yard. One is a dead pine left over from the hurricanes in 2004. The other must have died in the past year. It was still full of leaves, though dead. They had to have fallen in the past week and a half because that was the last time I was in that part of the yard. Thankfully it isn’t over a large area our yard, but it does make for a lot of cleanup. We had some very nasty storms roll through last week, so it is likely it happened then. I am just glad we haven’t put a fence up. We would have lost it four or five times already.

Today I worked on chopping down some of the invasive air potato plant that infests our yard yearly. When cut, the plant gives off an oil that is an irritant. I chopped down a lot of the plant which resulted in me having a massive itching attack. I ended up having to scrub my arms and neck and take a benadryl. This was a bad move.

I hadn’t eaten anything other than five or six crackers all day. About 30 minutes after taking the Benadryl, I went out. I went to the gas station to fill up the car and then planned to head to my parents. As I was pumping the gas I remembered that Josh wanted to get new tires for my car. I called him and he remembered the tires too. Since I was less than a mile from the house, I just went home. This was a good thing. Within about fifteen minutes I was complaining to Josh about how tired I was. Ten minutes after that I was out. Normally Benadryl doesn’t make me drowsy. In fact, rarely does anything make me drowsy. I think it was the empty stomach that did it.

So that has been my weekend so far. Hope yours was as exciting as mine.

Yesterday when Josh and I came home from work, we both noticed a rancid stench in the garage. It smelled of rot and did not make us happy campers. We sniffed and searched yesterday evening and this morning. We were looking for something that may have gotten in when we had the garage door open and died. I decided that I would buy cleaning supplies and scrub down.

I purchased an enzyme cleaner in hopes that if it was something biological, it would break it down and destroy it. Well, in my preparation for the cleaning, I discovered the source. Apparently the trigger to the insecticide sprayer that Josh uses for his hops had been pressed and the insecticide was sprayed on a section of the garage floor. It was terrible smelling and a match! I was actually happy to find it. I used the enzyme cleaner and I’m amazed at how clean and wonderful my garage floor is and how wonderful it smells in there.

I’ve also been reloading my laptop with XP. The software I have is all XP. I don’t have Vista software and I’m honestly not in a hurry to purchase any! I did create restore discs in case I decide to go to Vistsa in the future. To test it I wiped the partitions and “restored” from the discs. It was successful so I then wiped it to put XP on.

I am almost done with the system setup/customization and then I can start installing software on it. I guess I should go finish it and take care of the most important part, setting up the wireless. Very important!

So yesterday I discovered a most excellent deal on a netbook. I hemmed and hawed over it for a solid hour. For what I would need it for, it was perfect. I just couldn’t justify needing it. So when Josh finally convinced me to just get it and stop debating with myself, it was sold out. I tried to envision kicking myself in the butt for doing it, but I couldn’t. Good thing. I actually found a good deal on a full sized laptop that would make me happier and it wasn’t really much more in cost.

So, today I went and purchased a new laptop. I’m making the recovery discs right now. Actually I am almost done with the first set. I am making two because Josh wants me to. I am organized enough to not lose them, but three dvds and 15 minutes of non-laptop time is OK. I can survive that.

Maybe having a new laptop will encourage me to post more. Josh used my now old laptop constantly, so this could be a positive thing. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

In fun house news, last week Josh and I finally cleared out the large shed out. I believe that we entered that shed a whopping four times in the three years and two weeks we have owned this house. It was a bit scary. Things moved around that we didn’t want to move. After putting out about eight bags, we still have a pile of rubbish to put out in the next week’s trash. We may have to take some to the dump as well. I don’t think we can put car rims in the regular pick-up. Maybe I can call someone and find out.

So that’s pretty much it. I’ve been plotting crafty things to do, but I don’t have time. One of my co-workers is pregnant, so I want to make her a blanket. She isn’t going to find out what she has having, so I am just going to go with whatever I want to do. She’ll love it no matter what. She’s just great that way.

It has apparently been a long time since I last used my Wii Fit. I fell victim to it. It inticed me in and then bam, I got bored. Not really, I got busy doing stuff. I suppose some of the yard work could be considered exercise. Otherwise I have been bad. I’m trying to change that though.

My blood sugar has always been on the low side. I occassionally dip into the 40s which is pretty bad.  But since working I’ve varied what I eat (hello snacks) and now it is just wonky in general. So, I’ve cut out sugars except for the fake kind. Sorry but I’m just not that hard core. I’m weaning myself off of it slowly. I make sure I fill my cup full of ice when I get a drink so I’m really only drinking about a third. I could make myself drink water but what I love most about my drinks is the ice. The ice maker makes awesome chips of ice.  I love ice cold drinks. Slowly weaning myself off. I’ll do it.

Back to the Wii. I hopped on today and it kicked my butt. I admittedly did the harder exercises but I wanted to see how off I am. My ability to control my center of gravity is still near excellent. I guess having the air conditioner vents blowing on you along with the ceiling fan and still sweating like crazy is a good thing.  I felt the burn and boy do I still feel it now.  I didn’t over do it but I definitely did what was needed.

I went walking on Sunday with Josh and that was good. After seeing the manicured yards in the neighborhood, we both decided that our yard looks like crap. More motivation to get working on it. We have about two and a half more months until cooler weather starts to creep in enough to do a lot of work in one go. I’m excited about that. Perhaps Josh and I will take off a week to just do yard work. Gung-ho gardners. Hwahh.

For now, I’m going to bed. Well, I’ll go after I take some ibuprophen.

Last night when Josh finally decided that he was fed up with his computer not being fast enough, we went shopping. I of course was happy to tag along. I managed to procure a WD TV HD Media Player.

For $100 I can now play all of the videos, music and photos I have stored on my external HD on my Entertainment center. So far in the first 24 hours, I’m happy with it. HDMI and 1080p output, I’m happy. I’m learning lots of new tricks about it and I am forcing myself to organize my files. I have procrastinated on this particular task a lot. We won’t talk about that. I managed to get all of my videos organized. I realize now that I need to get folder images so that it can display them when I am browsing over the media center.

I am still keeping my archos 605. It still works great and I love that I can access internet video and music streams from it. The media center is strictly for my external hard drive files (which is essentially a backup of the server).

Ooh, I think I need a nap after all of this tech fun.

Sorry for being so silent folks. The headaches from the extraction went away but then I life’s busy schedule kicked in. Between being busy at work and busy at home, I’ve been spending very little time on the web, and not working.

We purchased new desks and finally got them finished and assembeled yesterday. Josh has not finished setting his systems back up, so when that is done, there will be photos. That will also give me time to decide how I want to set up my side. It appears that my husband is slowly infiltrating the area of “my” desk with the server monitor, keyboard and mouse. Considering I also have the printer on my desk, we’re going to have some space wars in our future.

I’ll win. I’m at my desk more than he is at his. Can’t fight that.

Why, why did it have to happen? One of my drinking glasses met an early end. Unfortunately, this puts me at 14. This is an unacceptable number. All of the different types of drinking glasses in my cabinets are divisble by three. It just happened and I like it. Therefore, I must get another one (or four) next time I got to Ikea. I love that they are so heavy. I’m surprised that it broke. It must have hit top edge first.

There were only five of us in the office today, so I actually managed to get a lot done. I completed three quarters of a project that I had deadlined for January 16th. Of course that was because I had planned on having someone else do it, but scheduling meant otherwise. I probably could have finished it if I hadn’t been trying to help a couple of folks troubleshoot errors. All is well, I felt like I accomplished a lot today.

Josh is not feeling well and he is on the couch watching Kill Bill Vol 1. Whatever makes him happy. He had better feel better soon, we’re off to visit family tomorrow evening!

Perhaps I shouldn’t have purchased the Band of Brothers set. Josh has been watching a little each day and well, there is more than a little rumble in the house every few minutes. The blasts and the subwoofer have made for shakey evenings. Yes, interesting indeed.