Worth It

Oh my dear site. I’m sorry. I promise it was worth it. It’s taken nearly five years and a lot of hard work but I have a new title at work!  I still do what I have been doing for the past three years but now it’s official that I am doing it. In other… Read more Worth It


Happy day to celebrate the spring equinox. We made the trek over to my parents’ house this morning. After discovering it far too quiet, I got to work dyeing eggs for my cousins’ children and my nieces and nephews. When did they stop packaging the way crayon in the boxes? I found a few birthday… Read more Hollaback


Is there a resurgence of romance novels or does that genre always float in the background? I have had people recommend books only to discover they are romance novels. It amuses me every time I go to the used book store and see that the largest group of books are used romance novels. I guess… Read more Flood

Eew That Smell

Yesterday when Josh and I came home from work, we both noticed a rancid stench in the garage. It smelled of rot and did not make us happy campers. We sniffed and searched yesterday evening and this morning. We were looking for something that may have gotten in when we had the garage door open… Read more Eew That Smell

Too long

It has apparently been a long time since I last used my Wii Fit. I fell victim to it. It inticed me in and then bam, I got bored. Not really, I got busy doing stuff. I suppose some of the yard work could be considered exercise. Otherwise I have been bad. I’m trying to… Read more Too long

Media Center

Last night when Josh finally decided that he was fed up with his computer not being fast enough, we went shopping. I of course was happy to tag along. I managed to procure a WD TV HD Media Player. For $100 I can now play all of the videos, music and photos I have stored… Read more Media Center

I’m bad

Sorry for being so silent folks. The headaches from the extraction went away but then I life’s busy schedule kicked in. Between being busy at work and busy at home, I’ve been spending very little time on the web, and not working. We purchased new desks and finally got them finished and assembeled yesterday. Josh… Read more I’m bad

A little rumble

Perhaps I shouldn’t have purchased the Band of Brothers set. Josh has been watching a little each day and well, there is more than a little rumble in the house every few minutes. The blasts and the subwoofer have made for shakey evenings. Yes, interesting indeed.