Signs You’re An Adult

Last week I anxiously awaited word that the IRS had received my payment. It hit me then that I was truly an adult. Not owning a home and paying a mortgage. Not having a child. Not voting. But rather, waiting for the federal government to take a crap load of my money. That’s what signified… Read more Signs You’re An Adult

Forgive Me

Forgive me knitters, for I have sinned. In the last week I have sinned twice. The first time was when I bought two sweaters. Each were $3.00 and very nicely made. They were on clearance and to purchase the yarn for such a single sweater would have been easily ten times as much. My second… Read more Forgive Me


OK, folks, more links. Sewing:  Woven needle books. You could use swatches for these! The Eddie Cap tutorial is for a cute little train engineer type cap. Cute. Knitting: Zetor is just an awesome lace shawl! A knit chocolate bunny pattern. I may knit this for my soon to be niece. A Jelly Baby knitting… Read more Roundup


Parsnip cupcakes. I lurv carrot cake. The original apparently called for carrots, but was changed to parnsip. I wonder if I could just swap back the carrots. DIY kilt. Oh fun. A quick correction to the Burridge Lake Afghan that I hope to one day knit. A craftser post about a little bit of passive… Read more Links

Ood Doll

Ravelry user mazzmatazz has been behind the awesome Dr. Who knitting patterns. On their website, there are patterns for a knit Cassandra, a knit Ood, a knit Face of Boe, and a knit Tardis. Cute! I’m hoping that I see a pattern for the adorable Adipose sometime soon. I think it is interesting that there is… Read more Ood Doll