Last week I anxiously awaited word that the IRS had received my payment. It hit me then that I was truly an adult. Not owning a home and paying a mortgage. Not having a child. Not voting. But rather, waiting for the federal government to take a crap load of my money. That’s what signified adulthood to me. 

Well, it appears I’m just no good at this anymore. I’m posting once every six months it feels like. I blame facebook for this. I tend to post my random thoughts there. I’m trying to not do it as much, but sometimes it’s easier to understand the context if we’re friends.

Things are going well on the not working anymore front. I’ve got enough freelance to keep me busy and current while still being able to stay home with the little man.

Speaking of my little man. He is one now. He’s walking and talking and climbing all over the place. We used to be able to confine him to the living room area but once he figured out how to climb over the couch, we figured confinement was a moot point. Now we just try to keep him out of the toilets and trash cans and hope for the best!

In other news, there isn’t much. Instead, here are a few links from the past week that I felt were worthy of sharing.


Forgive me knitters, for I have sinned. In the last week I have sinned twice. The first time was when I bought two sweaters. Each were $3.00 and very nicely made. They were on clearance and to purchase the yarn for such a single sweater would have been easily ten times as much.

My second sin was yesterday. I purchased a lovely 100% lambswool pullover for $3.50. It is beautiful and actually looks rather appealing on me. Again, the costs of the yarn for such a sweater would have been more than ten times what I paid.

In other news, I am on a quest today to finish my unfinished objects! I have a couple of projects waiting in the wings, but I am determined to get these UFOs done! All that I have to finish are the appendages of both the Adipose and the Furryness.

OK, folks, more links.


 Woven needle books. You could use swatches for these!

The Eddie Cap tutorial is for a cute little train engineer type cap. Cute.


Zetor is just an awesome lace shawl!

A knit chocolate bunny pattern. I may knit this for my soon to be niece.

A Jelly Baby knitting pattern  for those Doctor fans out there

If you loved Blush on MagKnits (before they closed shop), never fear, the designer has posted it on her site where you can find her other patterns as well.


Instructions to make your own round knitting loom.

Make bowls from magazines.

Ravelry user mazzmatazz has been behind the awesome Dr. Who knitting patterns. On their website, there are patterns for a knit Cassandra, a knit Ood, a knit Face of Boe, and a knit Tardis. Cute! I’m hoping that I see a pattern for the adorable Adipose sometime soon.

I think it is interesting that there is already a petition for folks to sign. They are attempting to get the BBC to make Adipose plushies for sale. While we crafty folk can probably come up with a plushie pretty easily, there are probably quite a few that can’t. I would be interested in buying one if it was squishy. I’m talking about wanting to buy squishy fat. What’s wrong with me?

I’m thinking of listing some things on etsy. I have had an etsy account since they first opened, but I have never used it. I am thinking it is time.

I will have some “stuck at home/can’t go outside” time next week, so I am thinking it is the perfect thing to keep me busy. I have quite a number of buttons that I will probably list. There was a huge pack of buttons that contained the perfect buttons to use on an existing cardigan (two had been lost). The only problem was, I had to buy the whole pack. They are nice buttons, but I really can’t use all of them. I would rather sell them to someone who can use them in something they do. I have to fund my Gocco habit some way, right?

Speaking of gocco. I did a test run with my only set of bulbs. I did a Torchwood/Seal of Rassilion. I ruined the Seal of Rassilion side of the screen when I attempted to clean it. I managed to clean the Torchwood side without causing harm. The screen held too much carbon, so I have to learn how to handle that. I did use the filter, but still excess carbon. I think I may have held the machine closed too long.

I need to purchase bulbs, but I haven’t due in part to my need to do other things around the house. If I had the bulbs I would want to play. I really haven’t had that time. So it was best for me to not purchase any. I will probably order them in a month or so. Once my schedule calms down. I hope.

So, if I do list anything on etsy, I’ll be sure to post about it here as well. I’m not itching to get rid of anything quickly. I just have the time coming up to sit and take pictures of buttons. That’s all.

I have been adding stuff to my stash list on Ravelry. My purpose in doing this is to try and find ideas for the yarn I have. I inherited a large amount of acrylic. I want to use it up. I have donated some, but I do want to make some things. So, I am hoping to post some progress reports.

I’m lacking motivation, due mostly to me being sick. My husband is sick as well, so that isn’t helping anything. I was motivated this morning. I managed to paint one side of a door (it is outside and on tables) and sand a wall. However, I have other things on my list of things to do.

Josh informed me today that he would really like me to finish his second glove for flying. I’m suffering from second glove syndrome and haven’t had the motivation to do it. He wants to go flying with his dad and the weather at his parents will be cold enough to require the use of gloves.

I think I might feel motivated enough to take some yarn pictures for my ravelry stash. That doesn’t require too much thought from me. Right?