I made my decision on my business cards and domain. I stuck with my original choice. Josh still isn’t keen on it, but it is my domain. He has his own. Now I am going to just wait for the DNS to resolve. I played around with a logo but in the end I decided… Read more Decided

Going Back

I have been going through old photos we have on the server. There are roughly ten years worth of photographic evidence of my existence. Well, maybe not so much. I was the photographer in 99% of the photos. I did notice quite a few photos of my cat. I think it is because she is… Read more Going Back

Dark Swear

I forgot to mention in my previous post. I swore pretty loudly at one scene. Only because it brought on a very vivid flashback. It was the scene with Maroni and his ankles. Having fallen straight down from the top of a loft bed, I know first hand how effing painful that is, so I… Read more Dark Swear