Ahh, Fall. You have arrived. OK, so our highs are still in the mid to upper 80s, but it isn’t a bad thing, right? I miss seasons or at least the appearance of them. I like visiting places that have snowy winters but I think I am done living there. I’m 33 and I have… Read more Fall

Growing Up

Growing up sucks. I went to school, graduated and grew up. Now I don’t have the time to do the things that I want. Well, I say that but I’m pretty sure if I tried, I could do what I want. I think the responsible side of me out weighs the rest of me. I’m… Read more Growing Up


Happy day to celebrate the spring equinox. We made the trek over to my parents’ house this morning. After discovering it far too quiet, I got to work dyeing eggs for my cousins’ children and my nieces and nephews. When did they stop packaging the way crayon in the boxes? I found a few birthday… Read more Hollaback


So things have been boring enough to not write about. I try not to talk about work or where I work so it makes for boring posts. Sorry. After work I have been doing freelance work and having weird reactions to antibiotics. Fun. Today is my 10th anniversary. This afternoon Josh and I will have… Read more Boring


Pardon my radio silence. I have been keeping myself quite busy as of late. Of course there is work, but there is also the family visiting and general household/end of the year stuff. I’ve neglected balancing the check book and while I knew how much I had, my books weren’t balanced. That is not right.… Read more Pardon


I am feeling tons better. The nasal congestion is probably nearly 90% gone. I do feel mildly feverish. However, my voice is going and will soon be missing. This should make for an interesting time at work. Perhaps I should get a little whiteboard and create thought bubbles. It’s an idea, I suppose. I’ve been… Read more Missing