Tonight or technically tomorrow Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince opens in movie theaters. I won’t be going to the midnight showing. I just can’t do it. Between having to leave for work so early and the theater being about twenty minutes (windy, slow path to get to and fro) from the house, it… Read more Half

Twitter Pop

Just popping on to list a few new Twitter follows and some music discoveries. Work is strangely busy, but well that’s the way it rolls. Right? I have had a very enlightening past week and a half. I need a break. andyshauf – I found his music via the P is for Panda compilation download… Read more Twitter Pop

A little rumble

Perhaps I shouldn’t have purchased the Band of Brothers set. Josh has been watching a little each day and well, there is more than a little rumble in the house every few minutes. The blasts and the subwoofer have made for shakey evenings. Yes, interesting indeed.


Dear gord, I’m going to make my niece squeal. I’m going to talk a moment about Twilight. OK, the books were good. The writing kind of left something to be desired, but the story is really good. That’s not really what I wanted to discuss though. I just visited the website for the Twilight movie.… Read more Probably