OK, I’m excited about Upular from Pogo. The YouTube video is being mefi-ed right now, but I think it can handle it. What is a Pogo? Well, he is an trip/hop dj/musician from Perth. He samples audio from films, mixes them with beats and makes awesome music from it.  If you’re on Last.fm, you can… Read more Upular


Tomorrow the new season of Fringe airs. This is one of the few shows I watch. Perhaps that is because Reality Television has saturated the industry. Either way, I’m happy that Fringe is back tomorrow. Tonight a new episode of Glee is airing. I like it. I attempted to describe it this morning and the… Read more Tomorrow


Tonight or technically tomorrow Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince opens in movie theaters. I won’t be going to the midnight showing. I just can’t do it. Between having to leave for work so early and the theater being about twenty minutes (windy, slow path to get to and fro) from the house, it… Read more Half