OK, folks, more links.


 Woven needle books. You could use swatches for these!

The Eddie Cap tutorial is for a cute little train engineer type cap. Cute.


Zetor is just an awesome lace shawl!

A knit chocolate bunny pattern. I may knit this for my soon to be niece.

A Jelly Baby knitting pattern  for those Doctor fans out there

If you loved Blush on MagKnits (before they closed shop), never fear, the designer has posted it on her site where you can find her other patterns as well.


Instructions to make your own round knitting loom.

Make bowls from magazines.

I think I may have just had the most brilliant idea of this minute. I don’t like round bathroom tissue (TP) covers. It is like painting a wall with holes. It still looks like you know what. But why not a square (or rectangular for multiple rolls) cover that sits on the back of the tank. Tomorrow I might go through that stash of material I bought at the resale shop and see if I can come up with something.

I’ve been making ornaments after being inspired by the tutorial at Sunshine’s Creations. I made a few trees, hearts and a snowman but the kids and my mom have them already. I also made a pillow for my nephew AJ. I used his old Superman underoo top to make it. It isn’t perfect, but it is cute.

I made my mommy some pillows. I didn’t have a lot of time today thanks to Kitten Watch 2007. However, I did manage to finish the pillows. They turned out really cute. I was surprised that my sewing skills kicked back in as fast as they did.

I love the fabric. I just wish the shop I got it from had more. I wonder if one of the chain stores would have it.

Tonight I sat at my treadle and threaded it properly. I ran a few scraps through to check the tension and it was horrible. After fiddling for nearly 30 minutes, I finally got it. As my foot found its rhythm, I remembered something. I can sew. I’ve been able to sew for over 25 years. My great grandmother taught me to sew when I was very small.

My current project is just some cute little pillows for my mom. Really I found a great foliage themed fat quarter while in New Hampshire, but they only had the one quarter left. It would have looked odd as a single pillow, so I cut it down and I am making two cute accent pillows. I just need to stuff and close them up. Pictures when they are done. I want to finish them before my mom comes over this week, so I’m hoping to finish them in the next day or two.

Homemade yellow bag
I found a site with a tutorial for making cute tote bags and thought I would make some out of some of the fabric remnants I had in the material cabinet.

It is about a foot and a half wide and a foot tall. The handles are about eight inches tall.

Materials used:
Raincoat yellow vinyl
Blue Satin Ribbon
Fishing Line

Tote Bag Making Tutorial:
Tote Bags 101 at supereggplant.com

my little pink monsterThe girls (Shalyn and Brittany) and I decided to stay up late and watch movies. In order to keep myself occupied while watching the first Harry Potter movies for the millionth time, I made a monster. He doesn’t have a name, but he really enjoys standing around.