Ood Doll

Ravelry user mazzmatazz has been behind the awesome Dr. Who knitting patterns. On their website, there are patterns for a knit Cassandra, a knit Ood, a knit Face of Boe, and a knit Tardis. Cute! I’m hoping that I see a pattern for the adorable Adipose sometime soon. I think it is interesting that there is… Read more Ood Doll

Flying Gloves

Josh wanted gloves for the winter so he could fly model airplanes. Knitty had just put out the Cigar pattern, so I thought that was a good idea. The pattern called for worsted weight yarn, but Josh wanted the gloves to be thin, but warm. I opted for a wool sock yarn. The pattern I… Read more Flying Gloves

Two Weeks

Can I finish my husband’s other glove (ravelry link*) before the twentieth? I don’t know. I finished the first glove in a couple of days. So there is a possibility. Of course that means I’d have to stop doing everything else. He asked me again today if I would be able to finish them. I… Read more Two Weeks


I’m lacking motivation, due mostly to me being sick. My husband is sick as well, so that isn’t helping anything. I was motivated this morning. I managed to paint one side of a door (it is outside and on tables) and sand a wall. However, I have other things on my list of things to… Read more Motivation