Make-up bag

My sister-in-law saw the Suki II tote in the Knit Wit Book and wanted something round like it to put her make-up in. I started on it just after the winter holidays and managed to work on it once a week. I finished it in February, a month ahead of the deadline. I completely guessed… Read more Make-up bag

Finger knit project one

Ok, I made this in about 20 minutes. I will probably make two more and link them together. It’s cute how it is now. I think I will definitely teach it to Brittany after she has finished her project! Kind of a second goal. Dresser shopping today unless something else comes up.

knitting stuff

Well, I’m almost done knitting a Slytherin scarf bookmark for one my brothers. He thought it would be fitting since he is reading the latest book. Both of my brothers are reading a copy now. Brittany has a Gyriffindor one I knitted her months ago. Shalyn asked for one, but I had to finish her… Read more knitting stuff

Pink Monster

The girls (Shalyn and Brittany) and I decided to stay up late and watch movies. In order to keep myself occupied while watching the first Harry Potter movies for the millionth time, I made a monster. He doesn’t have a name, but he really enjoys standing around.