Baby Booties

I wanted to knit something, but I wanted to make sure I would finish it. So, I thought I would knit these one hour baby booties for a baby shower gift.

I had originally done them in a smaller needle size, but my gauge was so tight that they would barely fit my cat’s front paws. I upped the needle size and came out with a pair that works. The pattern is pretty simple. The first time I knit this pattern was when I was teaching someone to knit. The most complicated thing in the pattern is skp, which is pretty much like binding off. Not something to be afraid of.

Pattern: One Hour Baby Booties by Heidi Neurauter from Stitch N’ Bitch Nation
Materials Used:
Paton Cotton Top: Undyed (double stranded)

Stuck Adipose

Update: For those that have asked both here and via email, I don’t have the local copy available right now (machine upgrade, yay!), but I will try.

Update 2: Word is that Mazz is going to be talking to the Beeb soon, so hopefully it will be posted again. 

While the pattern has been taken down at the request of the BBC, I was still able to finish knitting my Adipose. I had saved a copy locally and there is also the google cache page I have linked to below.

This pattern combined many of my worst knitting enemies. Grafting, picking up stitches and embroidering faces. I suck at all three of them.

I’m not overly pleased with the way I knit it, but had I paid attention to the pattern more closely, I think it would have turned out a lot nicer. Still, not bad for a first go.

Pattern: MazzMatazz’s Adipose Pattern
Materials Used:
Wool Ease Sportweight: Natural color

A pink dish scrubbie I knit

I wanted to knit something else for a baby shower gift, so I decided to give this ago.

It was cute and quick. It took my a while to realize what they meant by a running stitch. While I knew what a running stitch was, I was completely implementing it in the wrong way

I think the next one will be in a natural cotton color.

Pattern: The Trouble with Tribbles
Materials Used:
Peaches and Creme: Variegated pink and white

A seed stitch washcloth

A friend of my sister in law is having a baby girl. There is a baby shower coming up and I made this as a part of her gift.

I don’t really like seed stitch, but when I was experimenting, the yarn felt nice in this stitch.

I’ll probably be making more of these.

Pattern: Seed Stitch, 28 sts across
Materials used:
US7 Straight
Peaches & Creme in varigated pink and white

OK, folks, more links.


 Woven needle books. You could use swatches for these!

The Eddie Cap tutorial is for a cute little train engineer type cap. Cute.


Zetor is just an awesome lace shawl!

A knit chocolate bunny pattern. I may knit this for my soon to be niece.

A Jelly Baby knitting pattern  for those Doctor fans out there

If you loved Blush on MagKnits (before they closed shop), never fear, the designer has posted it on her site where you can find her other patterns as well.


Instructions to make your own round knitting loom.

Make bowls from magazines.

Ravelry user mazzmatazz has been behind the awesome Dr. Who knitting patterns. On their website, there are patterns for a knit Cassandra, a knit Ood, a knit Face of Boe, and a knit Tardis. Cute! I’m hoping that I see a pattern for the adorable Adipose sometime soon.

I think it is interesting that there is already a petition for folks to sign. They are attempting to get the BBC to make Adipose plushies for sale. While we crafty folk can probably come up with a plushie pretty easily, there are probably quite a few that can’t. I would be interested in buying one if it was squishy. I’m talking about wanting to buy squishy fat. What’s wrong with me?

Can I finish my husband’s other glove (ravelry link*) before the twentieth? I don’t know. I finished the first glove in a couple of days. So there is a possibility. Of course that means I’d have to stop doing everything else. He asked me again today if I would be able to finish them. I replied with the statement that the bathroom had to be finished first. “One project at a time” is what Josh always says to me. This time I got to say it to him.

I want to have the bathroom done by Friday. So maybe I can start on Sunday or Monday. There will be cries of joy if I am able to complete the gloves by the twentieth. He wants them so he can go flying with his dad.

*For those not on ravelry, I started a pair of knit gloves for my husband two years ago. They were to keep his hands warm while he flew. The the thumb and index finger of the glove are half covered. He typically uses those fingers to feel the controls. I am also knitting it with a wool sock yarn on size 1 US needles. This means small stitches and a lot of them. Since he hasn’t flown much, I haven’t had a need to work on them.