Baby Booties

I wanted to knit something, but I wanted to make sure I would finish it. So, I thought I would knit these one hour baby booties for a baby shower gift. I had originally done them in a smaller needle size, but my gauge was so tight that they would barely fit my cat’s front… Read more Baby Booties


Update: For those that have asked both here and via email, I don’t have the local copy available right now (machine upgrade, yay!), but I will try. Update 2: Word is that Mazz is going to be talking to the Beeb soon, so hopefully it will be posted again.  While the pattern has been taken… Read more Adipose


A friend of my sister in law is having a baby girl. There is a baby shower coming up and I made this as a part of her gift. I don’t really like seed stitch, but when I was experimenting, the yarn felt nice in this stitch. I’ll probably be making more of these. Pattern:… Read more Washcloth