I have a lot of craft bits. Time lately, hasn’t been my friend enough to allow me to do all of the little projects I want to do. I think I want to try and change that. Josh and I have talked about doing some things around the house that will possibly let me be a bit more crafty than I was in 2010. Let’s hope so.

In other fun, I’ve discovered some new sites. Crafty Storage is a site after my own heart. Crafts and organization. Of course through Crafty Storage I discovered Creations by Christie. I love that she puts up crafty deals and steals on her site in addition to her work. I also discovered Bad Skirt with her clever use of binder cases as pattern cases. This gave me an idea to use poly envelopes for mine. Ideally yes, the boxes would be nice but poly envelopes will work for what I need.

OK. I think I need to go sit in my little ole craft closet and ponder what to do next.

A felt cone turned hatThe holidays are fast approaching. Last year I found garden gnome holiday cards at IKEA and purchased them to give to co-workers. I had planned on making cards, but this was too perfect. I don’t particularly like garden gnomes. You can thank a Goosebumps TV show episode, Revenge of the Lawn Gnomes for that. Those gnomes were creepy. Anyhow, I decided to embrace the gnomes and get the cards. To top it off, I decided to make little gnome hats for all of my coworkers. I made felt cones and used scrapbooking brads as decor. For the Christmas folk, they got “Christmas” colors of green, red and gold. Hanukkah folk got “Hanukkah” colors of silver, blue, and white.

This year, I’m not sure I will do anything. There is a lot of new staff and they haven’t quite learned about my quirky need to craft. I will probably need to break them in easy. But, I may also be inspired and do something after all. Rip the craft band-aid off quickly.

Anyone have any inspiration for their holiday projects? A theme for this year?

Josh and I will hopefully get to take a vacation at the same time before Christmas. It seemed to be the least busiest time of year and I figure work won’t miss me too much then. Apparently the week I return will have little to no one at work. I think we’ll be down to four or five in my office. Skeleton crew, that’s more like a side of ribs.

We’ve had some progress in the kitty world. Sawyer is quite brave now. She’s coming up to us and meowing. She’s not running away from us when we come near. Spot managed to sleep on our desks this evening for a bit. I’m not sure if he was trying to get a little closer to the evil princess or now but he was there even after she left.

Speaking of the evil princess. She is getting on in her age. I know it will be rough for me when she passes. She may be evil, but she is my evil little princess. Her asthma still bothers her, especially in the summer. We’ve been trying to manage it but she hates pills and will maul you if you try to go near her face without food or dairy based liquid.

Oh man. Speaking of dairy. I have some low sugar ice cream bars in the fridge. I should go get one! They are really good. I think they are made by Blue Bunny.

As I had planned earlier, I’ve been couponing for work stuff. I am gathering goods food drives and for toy drives. With coupons, I’ve managed to get five Santa Mr. Potato Heads at 0.99 USD each. I scored some stuffed bears for $1 each and some games for under $5. I’m still acquiring toys but I am trying to stretch the dollars and get more for the same amount I typically spend. So far I’m doing awesome. I will try to remember to take a picture. I’ve got goods for three drives.

I am also thinking of making some things for the toy drives. I have tons of fabric scraps and I might be able to make some toys for smaller children. Dolls, fabric shapes? There are plenty of free patterns out there. I think it is just going to be a time issue for me. I have freelance work to get done, regular work and a husband that I like to see. Perhaps a work lunch project. Maybe.

I don’t normally talk about work in much detail. But this entry is one that definitely calls for it. Work has been a wee bit stressful for some of my coworkers. There is a big event going on and because they are the event group, they’ve been stressing some.

Work can be amusing

A large box was left in front of my cube and I promptly asked if it was trash. It was. I whipped out my trusty little leatherman squirt and set about fashioning myself a door. After I made my door, one of the graphic designers decided I needed shrubs. It went crazy after that. My five minutes spent making to door turned into a good bit of stress relief for my coworkers. I’m glad I could help.

I ended up with a door complete with a peephole and hinges. Two windows (with a ghostly looking girl in one of them), a flowering shrub with a blue-bird sitting in it. A mailbox, with mail and a recycling bin.

The number at the top is my extension. No one could figure it out due to the fact that in my office we generally scream for each other.

I don’t know if the cleaning crew will dismantle it and take it to be recycled, but I borrowed a camera from a coworker and snapped a few shots to preserve this moment of childishness that overtook all of us.

I don’t know what caused me to think of it, but yesterday at work I started thinking about ways to make a giant cupcake as a birthday cake. I think that it would be pretty neat. The weird part about this was that I was working on converting pages that had nothing to do with food as I was planning the cake in my head.

Today was pretty interesting at work. I should say the first half was. Today was bike to work day and I was psuedo recruited to issue waters to the folks that showed up on their bikes to my work. Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough water, so I had to run and get more. There were a lot more riders than were expected. I think I read somewhere that there were around 85, but possibly more.

There was other stuff going on outside in addition to bike to work that made it pretty much a little street party outside. There was lots of silliness and me being playfully picked on by a guy in an inflatable costume! It was a nice break from the ordinary.

Speaking of breaks, I am thinking I will take one and go watch LOST. I am two episodes behind and want to catch up.

For the first time in a long time, something is changing. Normally the top search words that lead many people here are related to Pearl Harbor. I don’t know why, but it is true. Now, for the first time in a long time, a bit of fat is changing this. Adipose now has more than twice the hits as pearl harbor.

For those that don’t know, MazzMatazz created knitting patterns based on characters from the new Doctor Who, including the pattern for knit Adipose (aliens made of human fat). She released them under Creative Commons license as free for personal use. Well, someone started selling the end product and Mazz reported them. This action then turned on Mazz. The beeb contacted her and asked her to remove the patterns. I don’t know the exact terms in the first email but with the Beeb’s response, Mazz did not feel comfortable in reposting her patterns.

Next the $hit hit the fan for the BBC and word reached the Open Rights Group and the EFF . Eventually even Neil Gaiman chimed in. The Doctor Who fandom gets involved and news spreads people. So, the clean up has begun.

It will be interesting to see what becomes of this. There are a lot of interesting questions that this situation brings up. Where does copyright infringement begin in the craft world. Who do you go after? How do you prosecute it?

I do have three words of advice to crafters out there… Save Page As! This is your best friend. I have over a gig of saved patterns for times such as this. The pages don’t take up much space. Create a directory on your drive and save them there. If you organize them by craft, it will make things even easier. I have a hard copy and a local copy of Mazz’s patterns. Unfortunately, I can’t get to the local copies right now.

Now that things seem to be settling down and who knows, maybe the pattern will be back soon. 😉

Baby Booties

I wanted to knit something, but I wanted to make sure I would finish it. So, I thought I would knit these one hour baby booties for a baby shower gift.

I had originally done them in a smaller needle size, but my gauge was so tight that they would barely fit my cat’s front paws. I upped the needle size and came out with a pair that works. The pattern is pretty simple. The first time I knit this pattern was when I was teaching someone to knit. The most complicated thing in the pattern is skp, which is pretty much like binding off. Not something to be afraid of.

Pattern: One Hour Baby Booties by Heidi Neurauter from Stitch N’ Bitch Nation
Materials Used:
Paton Cotton Top: Undyed (double stranded)