Cauliflower Check

I decided to give another cauliflower pizza crust a try. This time I tried The Lucky Penny’s, “BEST Cauliflower Crust Pizza.” Prep wise, it was fairly easy. I don’t know if perhaps I needed more herbs but all I tasted was the cauliflower. While I love cauliflower, I wished it hadn’t been so overwhelming. I… Read more Cauliflower Check

Link Roundup

I’ve been terrible about posting my recipes. Well. I’ll get to that another day. How about I post some links that I have tried or an itching to try. Been There, Done That or Things I’ve Given a Go: Asiago, Rosemary Cheese Crackers – These were good but didn’t taste the same after a few… Read more Link Roundup

Soup Failure

I attempted to make soup this afternoon. My goal was to come up with an easy to make recipe. I failed. Josh said it wasn’t bad, but it needed more tomato. I used V8, water, mixed vegetables and spices. The water to V8 ratio was off. I am experimenting in small batches and a 2:3… Read more Soup Failure


If there is ever a time when you see a bottle of Sauer’s barbecue sauce, pick up a bottle or three. I’ve rarely found a barbecue sauce that I want to use on everything from eggs to mashed potatoes (yes, I said mashed potatoes). Sauer’s is one of them. You may find some bottles with… Read more Sauer’s