Sucking at This

It’s been nearly two years since I posted last. Maybe it’s because I work all the time?I’m trying really hard to push myself to not work as much in the evenings. In doing so, I’ve started challenging myself to watch whatever is recommended to me on facebook. I use facebook mostly for quick news checks (film and music news), animal crossing updates and some friend/family updates.

One day I realized I was seeing a lot of weird/unexpected film and television suggestions. Intrigued by Meta’s algorithm, I decided to start writing them down and making my way through them. The rules were simple. As long as it wasn’t a horror movie* and I had access to whatever platform it was on, I would add it to the list. Movies and shows that are in theaters are added to the list, though I will wait for them to come to streaming. All of them deserve the same experience.

I’ll be providing recaps for each of the movies/shows as I watch them. Maybe that will get me back to writing for fun instead of just composing posts in my head while I wash dishes. So, stay tuned for future updates on #MetaToldMeToWatchIt.

*I didn’t want to risk the kiddo waking up and seeing anything that could terrify him for years to come. Plus, I am not a fan of horror movies. I guess I prefer more plot.