In My Head

I compose a lot of entries in my head. They somehow never make it here. Here’s one that flits in my head often…

Throughout my 20+ years as a professional, it has more often than not been men that have stood by me and rallied behind me to get equivalent pay. It has been women who have stood in my path during my fight to get paid in accordance to the work and quality of work I generate. It was also women who would encourage me to play nice instead of continuing to stand up for myself. It has been women who “talk behind my back” or belittle my accomplishments.

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve had my fair share of men stand in my way, but they quickly moved aside or joined my team when they realized I either meant business or that I was a capable professional and could be an ally. But in my career, I’ve had a grand total of three women that I felt “had my back.” And you know what? That sucks.