Well That Stinks

I’ve been a busy little bee. Both with work and home. I’m still freelancing or contracting or whatever you want to call it, it’s all the same in the end. Things were supposed to slow down for a bit but the only break I managed to get was when I got a serious case of the flu and was out for two weeks. Of course I wasn’t off the hook being a mom, but I won’t ever be. I digress. I managed to take on some extra work to help someone out. I have to stop doing that. I’m going to run myself ragged!

I’ve been working with the kiddo and a while back I found I like a lot of the Montessori approaches to things. I’ve been using it as a basis for teaching the little man. I’m not limiting him to what he learns on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Right now we’re on a science kick and I’m teaching him about space. He’s got three planets down. We’re keeping Pluto on the list. It’s status as a “dwarf” planet will give me something to discuss with him when he gets older. Plus he sounds really cute when he tries to say it and ends up with puttle.

Since my last post I have realized how much I despise hospital’s billing departments. Their impatience ended up costing my mom money she doesn’t really have and of course there is no recourse for her to recoup said money!

Eff corporations!