You’d Be Wrong

You would think that I’m not posting much because I’m pregnant and busy with that. But you’d be wrong. Honestly, work is taking up most of my waking hours. We are about to launch a new version of my employer’s site and well, as part of the project I’ve taken on a couple of full time job roles on top of my normal job.

This has made for far too many 12+ hour days. This week I worked from home but managed to work more, like 14 hour days. Let me give you a bit of scale for this site. It’s one domain with what I can only describe as 56 microsites. If you can call them micro. They’re full scale sites within a site. It’s murder! Thankfully I’m not doing the content (anymore, because at one point, I was), but I am doing the design and structure and loading the content to make sure the design and structure works.

At the rate I’m working, my maternity leave will almost be a vacation. I’m trying to think of it that way. I’ll be spending time with my little man. Speaking of the little man. We did come up with a name. He is no longer going by Kermie. Instead, he shall be William! I’ve been writing off and on at a little site I setup for him. It was just somewhere to write the stuff that’s been going on. Check it out if you’re interested in the baby thing.