The pain

So how many people have actually done the things they’ve posted on their Pinterest boards? I’ve been pretty good about trying the ones on mine. For the food pins, I have used my office as my test subjects, much to their waistline’s displeasure I am sure. I’ve cut back and occasionally have Josh try them. I think I’ve only had one recipe that I didn’t like (a brie bake).

I took a hiatus from Pinterest at one point. Their terms of service made me uncomfortable. Times have changed and I’ve started pinning again. I didn’t really miss anything as I’m seeing a lot of the same pins pop up. I tend to use it for blog hopping. A find a pin I like, check out the site, and then start the hopping from there. You should try it. You might find something fun.

One thought on “The pain

  1. I don’t pin. You should put your “balls” on pintrest. People would be very pintrested in the variety of balls they could make:
    Hairy Balls
    Minty Balls
    Blue Balls
    Juicy Balls
    Chocolate Balls
    Lemon Balls
    Meaty Balls
    Velvet Balls
    Creamy Balls
    and of course…Balls of Fury

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