Worth It

Oh my dear site. I’m sorry. I promise it was worth it. It’s taken nearly five years and a lot of hard work but I have a new title at work!  I still do what I have been doing for the past three years but now it’s official that I am doing it.

In other news, I joined the dark side and got an iPhone. I decided to give it a whirl. It’s not like I couldn’t sell it for a decent price if I didn’t like it. So far so good. Everyone is on me about not faffing over it. It’s okay. It’s not the bees knees or anything. Honestly, there hasn’t been too much of a difference for me. It does what my android did. It’s kind of been more of a hassle when it comes to music and ringtones. I don’t use it for movies, so I can’t say how it does there. It was way easier to load music on my android.

When it comes to performance, I’ve had tactile response issues with the screen. It’s frozen on me a few times and it has turned itself off on me a couple of times too. I was NOT a happy camper then. I couldn’t get it to turn itself back on and it finally took plugging it in to my computer to get it back on. It had 86% battery life too. No idea what caused it, but it happened. Just thankful I had my work phone in case there was an emergency.

I did buy myself a little present for my phone. Actually, it was for any device. I got a little Belkin Bluetooth Receiver for Smartphones. My car doesn’t have Bluetooth in it (that apparently came standard in the next year’s model). I don’t listen to local radio unless it is the news channel for traffic. So, I prefer listening to TripleJ or audiobooks (Game of Thrones is my latest kick). I had been researching Bluetooth receivers for a while and kept going back to this one. I have not had good luck with the FM transmitters. Even the so-called good brand ones. I found that there were two Belkin models that looked identical. A bit more research led me to discover that they were. Interestingly enough, one sells for twice the price of the one I got! Make sure you get the F4U037 model!

So what else did I buy? A clear back bumper for my phone and oh yes, a new septic leach field. Don’t be jealous. I’d forgotten what it was like to be able to use water without fear of something really bad happening (like non-clear liquids coming back out of pipes). Thankfully we never got to the point of wrong things coming from the pipes, but the fear was there. Oh yes, it was there! So yes, don’t be jealous. Really. I mean it. New leach field, it’s worth it.