If you had asked me 20 years ago that I’d have five cats, I’d say you were crazy. I grew up with dogs, hamsters and rabbits, not cats. It was Josh that wanted a cat. When we got the evil princess in ’97, she was just that, an evil little princess. She was sweet to Josh but evil incarnate to me. She attacked and clawed at me a lot. It took ten years for her to calm down. I don’t have these issues with the other four so I assume it was because she was an only cat.

The evil princess is getting older. She is still a pain when she is hungry but otherwise she is pretty mellow. She’s still adorable when she sleeps, which is what she is doing right now. She is looking all sweet and innocent curled up on one of Josh’s old shirts. He is still her favorite, almost 14 years later. That’s OK. He’s my favorite too.