15 Years

In April, this site will have been around for 15 years. People don’t believe me but yep. 1997. Crazy, huh? I’m slowly making changes in my life to slow down the hectic schedule that seems to have plagued me. I’m not making time for myself anymore and that is wearing me down. Things that have been on my proverbial To Do list too long need to get done. The things that get left on that list are things that would be for myself. I love my family and friends but I need my me time! 2012 is my year. 2012 is for me. Now to just make me some more money so I can do more for me.

One thing on the list is to redesign the site. I’ve thought about getting a pre-made theme but part of me feels like that’s selling myself short. I’m a freaking developer. I do still Heart Geeks, but maybe it is time to retire Millhouse.