An Update to OSX Lion Upgrade

It’s been over a full day. The crew is getting weary.

I turned off the bassackwards mouse scrolling. Maybe if I only used a trackpad I could manage. For now, no thanks.

Of course I forgot that I should have made a backup disc (see LifeHacker’s Instructions). So I am redownloading it now. If you need to download it again, open the Mac App store and Option+Click on the Purchased tab at the top (for some reason other have had to use Command+Click).

Some info I have heard about the slowness is that Lion is re-indexing everything for Spotlight searches. It doesn’t explain the fact that opening a new Finder window and waiting for all of the files to show takes forever. But, once the re-indexing is done, it did speed up significantly.

I haven’t noticed a lot of extra heat build up, but those problems I was hearing were mostly on laptops, so it could be isolated.

I hope some of this helps someone. Good luck.

Oh… and I’m so excited that I got facetime on my machine automatically now. Too bad I don’t have a camera installed on this machine. /eyeroll