ipad 2 case

So I manged to sell my iPad 1 to offset the cost of an iPad 2. I reserved it from Best Buy but after five weeks of waiting, I grew frustrated. I eventually managed to get one at one of the Apple stores. I have never been so grateful to have three Apple stores. I didn’t wait in line for four hours like some of the poor souls that I met. I waited 11 minutes in line and got mine.

So, onto the reason for the post. If you’ve seen Apple’s smart cover for the iPad, you’ll know it’s a nifty idea. However, there are a few things wrong with it. Dust gets through the folding points on the cover. That’s not the biggest problem for me though. It’s the lack of a back. I don’t want to have to baby my iPad 2. I didn’t baby my iPad 1. So, after looking around, I finally came across the Mivizu Sense for the iPad 2. I took a risk and ordered it. Overstock.com had it for under $25 so I went for it. I don’t know if they underestimated the popularity or availability but it ended up not shipping on time. So, Overstock.com actually sent me an iPad 2 screen protector and a Mivizu iPad 2 Endulge Case to hold me over until the case arrived. +1 to overstock.com for that! They sent a note along with the protector and sleeve and said it would be shipped out by the end of the next week.

Not only was it shipped out, it arrived by the end of the week! Excellent. So, after a week of using it, I made a video highlighting the smart cover-like points.  It’s below. So, if you have an iPad 2, it isn’t a bad investment. I will warn that it has a potent new case smell for the first few days. Still worth it. I found that the iPad 2, in the Sense case fits in the Endulge case! I’ve lent the Endulge case to a friend while he waits for his Mivizu case to arrive.

I was warned by someone that I might see wi-fi signal degradation with the case on it but I have yet to experience that. If any of you experience it, please let me know.

Oh, if you find it is sold out everywhere, as of this morning, you were still able to “like” their facebook page and get a coupon code so you can buy it on their website.